Wiki: The Ackerly Green Secret Society


The Ackerly Green Secret Society was a project initiated by the original Ackerly Green Publishing, in the Book of the Wild. In December of 2017, it was reinstated by the current Ackerly Green, in the Book of Kings, under the leadership of Saberlane, who was running the company while Deirdre was exploring in Neithernor indefinitely. It is unclear to what extent the Book of Kings Ackerly Green Secret Society resembles the Book of the Wild Ackerly Green Secret Society, due to the fragmentary evidence available regarding the latter.


Book of the Wild

During the Book of the Wild, the Ackerly Green Society was an initiative, seemingly led by Warner Green, in which Herman the Hippocampus pins were sold to readers, who would then use their magical properties to rediscover something which had been lost. No more than this is known, as of now, and all currently available information regarding this version of the Secret Society stems from a letter, written by Warner Green to be sent to readers, and found by Saberlane in 2017 when he broke into a warehouse formerly owned by Ackerly Green, after being led there by the Herman Pin.

The Letter

Welcome to the Ackerly Green Secret Society
________ and as you know, elemental [materials] sometimes hold onto magic, and these pins, made of the rarest of metals, I’ve been told contain traces of magimystic energy. __________ and when the time comes, the pins may call on you to find what they have been asked to find __________ Something missing worth rediscovering. Further instructions are included within this mailing.


All you truly need to know is that this must be kept in the strictest of confidence. ____________________ The pin, its purpose, even your membership in this society, must be kept secret from those who cannot bring themselves to believe. But we believe. Magic is real, and it is up to us to seek it out, perhaps learn to use it, but most of all protect it.

Your friend and fellow member,
Warner Green

The Book of Kings

After Saberlane and Orvin Wallace rediscovered limited quantities of the Herman Pins in boxes from the old Ackerly Green Publishing warehouse, they were sold to readers, with the suggestion that even in the Book of Kings, they may still hold some magical properties. Later, once Woolie the ghost arrived at the offices of the current Ackerly Green, it was realized that readers who purchased the pins could, by using clues provided by Woolie in the form of poems, be led to historically significant locations near their homes. Once they arrived at their respective locations, while simultaneously wearing the Herman Pins, they received fragments of Woolie’s memories, in the form of notifications from the Ackerly Green App.

With each recovered memory, a relic from the Book of the Wild iteration of Ackerly Green Publishing also seemed to appear, giving the Mountaineers a glimpse into the alternate history of Ackerly Green and hinting at the existence of far greater magic at work, even as magic seemed to be fading from the Book of Kings.