Wiki: Warner Green's Safe

Warner Green’s safe was a magimystic artifact discovered during the events of the Secret Society.


Saberlane began searching for the vault after breaking into what turned out to be the old location for the Ackerly Green Book Shop and discovering the paper trail for a mysterious package shipped from the shop to Marrakech, with a return already paid for upon request. After months of attempting to track the shipment down, Saberlane finally found it in a warehouse in Brazil, and from there was able to arrange to have it shipped back to New York City. The shipment required a password before the warehouse would release it, which the Mountaineers discovered to be the word “Vordicriminant,” which appeared to them after following a series of clues to relevant locations across the globe.

Saberlane unboxed the shipment in the Ackerly Green offices and posted photos of a FedEx box to the forum, reporting that the original decades-old packaging had been water damaged and in need of re-packing, and that the box itself was only two feet square but weighed about a hundred pounds.

Inside that was a smaller box, about twenty by twenty inches, and still “crazy heavy,” according to Saberlane. As far as he knew, that box had not been opened since the mysterious AG first sent the shipment. The next photo showed some sort of wooden cube, about fifteen by fifteen inches, wrapped in bubble wrap.

It seemed to be a kind of cabinet. Saberlane posted a picture of one of the sides, the bottom half of which was made up of two identical cabinet doors with fox head handles. Directly above the two doors was a thin drawer with an ornate knob, and above that, two small cabinets with rabbit head handles flanked two smaller drawers with similar, but less ornate knobs. None of them opened at first, but beneath the box, Saberlane discovered a document portraying the Hermie proofs.


The safe finally opened when each of the relics from the Book of the Wild that had been discovered during the Secret Society narrative were placed near it. Saberlane discovered that it contained an aliquary, which had been left by Avis Green as the final component of The Last Figuration.