Wiki: Green Man Letter Block

The Green Man Letter Block is a relic from the Book of the Wild, discovered during the events of the Secret Society.

The Secret Society

Saberlane found the Green Man letter block in the pocket of an old cardigan one morning after the Mountaineers had discovered all of the memory fragments from Woolie’s most recent riddle. The memories were: “A good luck charm taken to war.”; “Lost as a family and company grew.”; “A keepsake to mark a remarkable life.”; “All that’s left of Ackerly Printing House.”; “Traveled the world in a pocket.”; “Found by a curious son.”

Saberlane explained that he knew from microfiche research that the mascot of Ackerly Printing House was the traditional “Green Man”: a man’s face with leaves for hair and mustache. The phrase “For WG” was etched onto the back of the letter block, leading the Mountaineers to believe that it was a memento from Warner Green’s time at the company.