Wiki: The Book of Kings

Book of Time

The Book of Kings is the name for the version of time in which magic was erased from the mundane world. It replaced the Book of the Wild, possibly sometime in the early 2000s.


The Book of The Wild was the term The Monarchs used for the time before everything changed. Some unknown individual changed the Book of The Wild into The Book of Kings. This individual edited out the Book of Briars and almost all other magiq, just as one might edit out certain sections of a book. This created a ripple effect, erasing most magiq from past events in history which occurred long before the time shift. However, the transformation was not complete, and bits of magiq remained, including some memories and wells.


The following is an excerpt from Deirdre Green’s blog, Deeds Done, in which she describes her conversation with Mr. Wideawake, regarding the Book of Kings and the Book of the Wild:

I asked what the “The Book of The Wild” meant and he said it’s what The Monarchs call the time before everything changed. He said “Someone, we don’t know who, changed the Book of The Wild and in its place was this world, this time.” They call now “The Book of Kings.”
I tried to get my head around the fact that we’re living in an alternate timeline from an original timeline that had magiq in it but he said it wasn’t as simple as that. It was magiq after all. He asked me to imagine a book. And then someone decided to edit that book. To remove something fundamental. Stories would have to be changed, characters rewritten, outcomes altered. And the ripples of all those changes would extend into the future chapters and the past. And it would be impossible to catch all the hanging threads. Scattered memories would be missed… and wells. Wells are like “hidden themes that remain, despite the narrative being altered.”
So someone edited out magiq, I said. And he said “No. We believe someone edited out the Briar Books and all magiq followed after.”

The Book of Kings was again mentioned in the post “Wonder” when Saberlane discovered the Ackerly Green Secret Society pins. Knowing that Ackerly Green Publishing was a failure in the Book of Kings, he surmised that the pins must have been an untouched relic from the Book of the Wild.