Wiki: The Last Figuration

The Last Figuration was a spell in the Briarverse.


The Last Figuration was a spell created by Sullivan Green and his coven. Avis Green explained its function in her journal entries, where she described it as a stopgap spell meant to summon enough magic to Ackerly Green Publishing to be able to give those fighting to protect magic a fighting chance.


The events of the Secret Society that led to the discovery of the various artifacts from the Book of the Wild iteration of Ackerly Green Publishing were all orchestrated parts of The Last Figuration. By summoning the artifacts to the modern iteration of the company, Saberlane was able to open Warner Green’s safe and procure the aliquary, which the Mountaineers would later use to jumpstart the Book of Briars.

Avis Green’s Journal Entries:

He and his friends are working on a stopgap spell that I have been asked to help cast when all is ready. He says that my being a Green, and casting it here at Ackerly Green is essential. So despite my reservations, I’ll help.

It’s a multifold spell. A manner of magimystic tripwire that once activated will trigger a spell to cast itself. That’s what they’re working on now, trying to make it work when no one’s been able to make a self-casting spell work before. Like his father, he’s prone to the theater of magic and has named the spell “The Last Figuration.”

As he explains it, if magic reaches a predetermined nadir, and the memories of those fighting to protect it have continued to degrade, then using the wells as measuring devices, the tripwire will snap, and the spell will theoretically cast itself without the help of a magimystic, using the company as its safest center since it is a powerful well. The spell will use whatever it can reach, the people, places, wells, and objects in its surroundings to protect what’s left of magiq and give those still fighting for it a chance.

The Last Figuration will draw not only objects and people to aid it but also summon the hidden objects required to open Warner’s safe, which I have brought back at Sully’s request, though I swore to never look on [missing word here] again. There are countless combinations to the safe, most of which I never learned, but I know one, and that is where I’ve hidden the object Sullivan has given me to keep and protect. Even holding it… It is an object that could at best, turn the tide of our world’s demise, but at the very least it could buy those who remain in the end extra time, a temporary dam, granting them enough power to keep fighting this scourge.