Wiki: SpiritSeer

SpiritSeer is a Mountaineer with former access to the Low, who joined the forum when she was booted from the Low’s servers.


SpiritSeer is a sweet, if slightly shy young woman who was eager to join and be accepted by the Mountaineers after being ousted from the Low. She is known for being exceptionally eager to dive into the mysteries of the magical world, be it through sharing magical knowledge gained from the Low or trying to puzzle through various elements and mysteries of the magimystic world.


SpiritSeer’s name first appeared on the forum in Martin Rank’s post about the Mountaineers’ fan club on the Low, which included the transcript of a conversation between her and other members in which she seemed to vouch for the Mountaineers’ validity and unwittingly provided a clue for the Mountaineers’ search. She reached out to the Mountaineers during the events of the Secret Society, when she thought her access to what was left of the Low would be helpful to their puzzle-solving, and was the first to bring the 30 Day Spell to their attention, effectively launching the Search for Magiq. She was also the one to find the Neithercouriers, after being instructed to do so by the Sanctuary. Her day job consists of leading groups on nature expeditions and retreats in the Pacific Northwest.

Experiences with Magiq

SpiritSeer responded to the “A secret uncoiled” prompt of the 30 Day Spell with the story of how she first encountered magic in her personal life:

A Secret Uncoiled
It’s a secret I’ve kept for years, how I first came to magiq, or stumbled on it, pretty much literally. I was out on a three-day hike-through alone. It was chilly, so on my second morning I got up before the sun, packed, and started out so I could warm up.

I thought that there were other hikers on the trail ahead because I kept seeing a light flicker further up the path. I got closer and saw that the blue-green light was down an old trail that wasn’t part of the main run. I’d done the trail a few times and even I had never seen this trail before. I didn’t want anyone new to the hike getting lost, so I called out. When they didn’t answer, I followed the old trail after them. They never answered me, never turned back.

Eventually I found the light in a clearing. It wasn’t a backpacker’s lamp. It was fool’s fire. A wil-o-the-wisp. A few rangers had seem them up in that area, but they’d follow them thinking they were lost hikers and end up lost themselves.

But it wasn’t swamp or bog fire. We were way too high for that.

The little wisp hung over a big ring of old stones along with a dozen other wisps. It had led me there, and then they’d all vanished. There was something about that place. I ended up making camp there that night, and well, that’s a whole other story, but when I got back home I went searching online, and one thing led to a thousand and that’s how I found the Low.

And it’s how I got my name.

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