Wiki: Aliquary

An aliquary is a powerful magimystic object within the Briarverse.


The aliquary was discovered inside Warner Green’s safe at the end of the Secret Society narrative, along with a note from Avis Green explaining its function:

This object is called an aliquary. It is an ingot of pure magimystic energy. Aliquaries are sometimes left behind when a powerful magimyst dies. We left this for someone like you to find, and since you have, then the efforts of my family were not completely in vain.

[A blurred out passage]

I can’t imagine what the world is like now. I’m not even sure where I am if it has come to you finding this. But with this aliquary, you will have a chance. You were led to this. Chosen to find it. Use it well, but judiciously. It may be all the magic that’s left.

Fight for wonder in the world, whether it is our world, or some new and unknown world beyond.
Remember that nothing is by chance.

Trust in magic,
Avis Green


Saberlane used the aliquary as a focal point for casting the Wellspring spell on February 1, 2020, drawing on its magic to effectively close the timeline known as the Book of Kings and jumpstarting the Book of Briars. The aliquary appeared empty after the casting, whereas before, it had contained a pulsing, glowing light.