Wiki: Scrying Spell


The Scrying Spell was a spell shared by Mountaineer @Deyavi during the events of the Secret Society.


Deyavi brought the spell to the Mountaineers during the events of the Secret Society, when they were attempting to locate the correct locations to dreamwalk to using the Living Spirit spell. She explained that her grandfather used to collect grimoires and that the spell was included in one of them.


The Scrying Spell required a scrying object, and although the original spell called for a bowl of water and a crystal, Deyavi explained that other objects such as a pendulum and a map or fire would also suit. Then, the caster was to sit in the dark by a window and repeat the spell while gazing at their object:

Spirit of the soaring moon
Grant to me this simple boon
Show to me what I must see
Reveal to me where it might be.

The spell was successful in helping some of the dreamwalking Mountaineers identify their respective destinations, but the resulting severity of spell sickness varied depending on the caster.