Wiki: Phantom Lighthouse Ticket

The Phantom Lighthouse ticket is a relic from the Book of the Wild, discovered during the events of the Secret Society.


The Phantom Lighthouse ticket was discovered by Saberlane’s assistant Catherine in August of 2018, after the Mountaineers succeeded in unlocking another set of Woolie’s memories. The relevant uncovered memories came in the form of location-sensitive notifications from the Ackerly Green app, after the Mountaineers visited local landmarks relevant to the clues in Woolie’s second riddle. The memory fragments that preceded the discovery of the ticket were: “A Terrible Storm”; “A Lost Ship”; “A Broken Heart”; “The Little Island”; “Dark Shoals”; and “Choppy Water”.

Catherine found the ticket one night in August, inside a book she had brought to work. The ticket seemed to have replaced her bookmark, which she later found at the bottom of her bag. It claimed to admit one to “Visit the Phantom Lighthouse,” and included the eerie epithet “She Still Waits Out There.” The only other information appeared to be a serial number on the ticket: AB 10622. The back of the ticket was blank.