Wiki: Etrus

Etrus is a user on the Ackerly Green forum.


Little is known about Etrus, other than the fact that they appeared on the Ackerly Green forum to assist in the discovery of a fragment of Woolie’s memory during the events of the Secret Society.

They wrote:

Look. I… really shouldn’t be posting here. Or lurking here at all. But here I am, so…When the lebewesen lights upon a never-ending flame. You guys were right to think of Germany. Not quite the right place though. The Brennender Berg, it’s a mountain that’s been burning since the 1600s. Also, not too terribly far from some… work I’ve been conducting in the area. It seemed to fit so I downloaded your app and…I really shouldn’t have done that.

Well…What’s done is done. As expected, the message arrived quickly. ‘And rummaging where dragons flee, you come upon a name.’ Anyways, I’m afraid that’s all I can do for now. But good luck. And know there are still many eyes watching how this turns out.

Etrus has not posted again since, nor have any of the Mountaineers heard from them again.