Wiki: The Chronocompass


The chronocompass is a symbol of the guilds and an object of great importance in the Briarverse.


The chronocompass is a compass with the guild names instead of directions. The guilds and their respective directions are as follows:

In addition to mapping out the guilds, the chronocompass is split between day and night, with the Sun guilds on the top of the compass and the Moon guilds on the bottom.


The Chronocompass had been placed on the Basecamp 33 Forum since Phase One, although its purpose and significance were unknown until the end of Phase Two. The directions on the chronocompass were used in the second Magimystical Assessment, by mapping the guild to its cardinal direction to traverse the animal tiles on the 3D model of The Translation. They were also used during the events of the Secret Society, when Saberlane discovered that by knocking in the cardinal directions of each magimystic element, according to the order that the representative relics from the Book of the Wild had been discovered over the course of the Society’s activity, he was able to enter Neithernor for the first time through a door in New York’s abandoned City Hall Station.