Wiki: Avis Green

Evelyn Avis Green was the sister of Warner Green and aunt to Sullivan Green. She managed the Ackerly Green Book Shop in the Book of the Wild.


Little is known about Avis Green, as there seems to be no record of her existence in the Book of Kings. We know from her journal entries and her posts to the Ackerly Green Instagram that she managed the Ackerly Green Book Shop and had a passion for vintage books, especially those for children, and enjoyed journaling as a means of self-expression. We also know that she had chosen “a life free of magic,” had promised to “fight for the oppressed,” was “proud to be an outsider,” and refused “to let [her] family be forgotten.”

The Secret Society

After discovering fragments of memory that seemed to tell someone’s life story, a journal belonging to Evelyn Avis Green appeared in the Ackerly Green office. When held near Warner Green’s safe, the journal began revealing more entries, signed “A.G.” like the mysterious posts to the Ackerly Green Instagram, confirming that the fragments of memory the Mountaineers had been receiving were describing Avis Green. Later comments on the Instagram posts confirmed them to be Avis’s own records, which had reportedly disappeared from her own timeline.

Through the journal entries, the Mountaineers learned of Avis’ relation to Warner and Sullivan Green, her partnership with a woman named Serafina, and the role she played in the Last Figuration. With no record of her existence in the Book of Kings, the Mountaineers theorized that all of her writings were coming from the Book of the Wild, and speculated that despite the temporary overlap between the Ackerly Green offices that occurred during the events of the Secret Society, she was edited out of existence entirely when the timelines split.

Avis Green’s aliquary was found inside Warner’s safe, with a note explaining what it was and how it came to be left there. Saberlane would go on to use it as a focal object during the Cataclysm spell to jumpstart the Book of Briars.