Our Gossmere Campsite

One of the images I’ve come to love is of Gossmere’s nomadic tribes meeting in their wanderings; sharing introductions, stories and news from afar. I’d like to recreate that image digitally with a place here on the forum for new Gossmerim and old to meet each other and share their tales. I’d like to thank @Viviane for the inspiration for this thread.

Pull up a blanket and join us around our campfire! Tell us who you are, and tell us of your wanderings.

*campfire *
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Hi Gossmere!

I’m Augustus_Octavian, but I’m happy to have affectionately received the nickname “Augo” from from my fellow Mountaineers. I’m a fan of ancient history, and named myself after my favorite Roman Emperor. I’ve used this screen name in a few places online, after having read this novel a few years back.

Outside in the mundane world, I’m a healthcare worker and proud father of three boys (currently ages 5, 3 and 8 months). Parenting has proven simultaneously very, very rewarding and very challenging. I love spending time outdoors, especially in the forest hiking and camping. I also love gardening and agriculture; I grew up with my grandfather keeping a small farm and so the rhythms of the seasons is deeply ingrained in how I think. Honoring that tradition, my wife and I (usually) keep a small garden and a small flock of seven hens in our yard on the border of suburbia. Our next door neighbors recently got two beehives, and I’m enamored with the idea of bartering eggs for honey.

Magiqally speaking, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best mystery-solver around (I’ll leave the intellectual stuff to our friends over in Thornmouth… and @Robert ), but I deeply love learning more about magiq, the hidden history of our world, and the camaraderie that’s grown up in this particular, unique corner of the Internet. The first time I took the guide, I was placed into Flinterforge (gasp) but it didn’t quite resonate with me. I took it again a few days later and got Gossmere; reading the description of our guild is when I knew I had truly found a home here.

I think something fun to do would be to pose a question that the next person who posts in the thread could answer if they’d like to, so here’s my question to the next person to post:

Where’s the farthest place you’ve wandered, and what brought you back home?


Hey tribe mates!

I’m OracleSage, but pretty much everyone calls me “Oracle” or simply “O”. My username was inspired by my love of the smell of burning sage, which was omnipresent in my childhood home, and Oracle just kind of appeared. I was always a fan of the image of the Oracle at Delphi, surrounded by smoke and spewing prophecy. I’m not exactly the prophetic type, but I like to carry that image with me.

When I am not on the forum, or prepping for the next Nepenthe festival, I can usually be found with earbuds in taking a stroll around town, or drinking coffee and working on my latest creative project. I am currently studying creative writing in New Orleans, but I was born in Vermont and raised in a suburb of Philadelphia. I’m quickly finding the city life agrees with me, and am hoping to go to Loyola University for their undergrad program in religious studies. Like Augo, I also adore being outside; and usually keep my room stocked with a mix of houseplants, herbs, and succulents. While I live in a pretty cramped apartment with my family, my room definitely is close enough to the great outdoors at this point.

I found the Mountaineers back in 2016, just a couple months after this lodge surfaced. I remember stumbling my way in, lost and horribly confused, but was guided by some of the coolest people I know. I was sorted into Ebenguard but I knew that didn’t quite fit. I resonated with the activism, and the desire to do good, but I knew it wasn’t for me. After I read about Gossmere there was this clicking moment where I knew that was where I belonged. I’m not much for codes, I’m actually pretty rubbish at puzzles, but I wanted to help out in my own way. So I proposed a project in the spirit of Gossmere, that project turned into the very first Nepenthe festival. We are nearing our fourth annual Nepenthe festival and I am so excited to see some new Goss faces just in time!

To answer Augo’s question: Fresno, California. I went for a week for an uncles wedding and had an awesome time but I missed the cool air and quiet of my hometown, so I was excited to be home when I got there.

For the next poster: If you could go on a road-trip with your friends, where would you take them?


Hullo! pulls up a log, puts a folded blanket on it and sits
Call me Connie, or just Conn if you’d like. Stan if you want to be different :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I was born and raised roughly an hour outside of Philadelphia. SE PA is my home, where the spirits of my native ancestors speak to me.
My interest and hobbies are eclectic, I think. They range from the traditional, historical, to the downright futuristic and sci-fi. I love reading both historical and scifi, nonfiction and fantasy. I love working with my hands: I knit and crochet, and am becoming fascinated by weaving, spinning, and wood-working.
I took formal piano lessons for around ten years, and sang in school choir for the same length of time, culminating with two years of formal singing lessons. Someday I’ll take up the guitar.
I’m also a nature lover. I love caring for animals and plants. I love meditating outside where I can feel the earth beneath me, and the air around me. I love hearing the trees and bushes whispering.

Road trip. Hm. That’s a good question. There’s so much to see in the world, and one lifetime is not enough to see it all. Personally, I’ve always wanted to explore England and Wales.

Question for the next poster: What are some small things that make your day better?


Agh I’m two days late!

Hullo! I’m Ignatius, or Iggy, whichever you like best!

I was born here in Georgia and I’ve kinda just lived here for forever. I have moved around Georgia but I’ve never lived outside my state.

When I first joined, it was only a couple weeks back, I was sorted into Thornmoth and I agreed with that as it was the kind of scholars of magiqverse. I then retook the test and got Gossmere a week or so back and completely agreed with it, but I double checked it with some friends of mine to see if they thought it fit.

A little talk about my wanderings and my self I guess. I’ve seen some bad, bad shit, heard about even more, and done a few myself (I never did anything horrible, just a couple fights here and there) I’m not gonna deny that or pretend I’m a saint but even though it bothers me I don’t let it stop me. This year’s been quite possibly the best and worst year. In terms of emotional and physical strain this year has pushed me to my very limits. I’ve gone from my father sadly passing away to being selected for so many amazing things.

My life at the moment revolves around rotc and being the Head Medic for a Raider team in the before mentioned rotc program. I enjoy the outdoors but it truly depends on how the days been.

The farthest I’ve been from home was Chicago and I found out there that big cities are not my thing as I am way to paranoid. Sorry if my post was rather depressing, I went for honesty! I hope you guys enjoyed it or at least found it informative. I wish everyone a goodnight and I’ll hopefully see you guys tomorrow!


Hi everyone!

I’m new here as of yesterday! My name is Morgan or Morgana, either is fine :blush:

I’m a psychology student at a university in England, I just finished my final exam today and should be graduating in July. I also work as a waitress (super boring but it’s temporary until I can find work in psychological services). I volunteer as an information and advice worker at a local mental health charity alongside my university work. I’m hoping to train as a clinical psychologist or gain any kind of work in mental health services!

I was sorted to Gossmere and I resonated with it straight away, my friends also agreed with the sorting and I suppose it lines up with my work in mental health!

In my spare time I practice Wicca, play D&D, do cross stitch, draw and body paint! I’ll be running a one off D&D session as a DM next week which is super exciting! I’m also currently working on some art work of my current character who is a Moon Elf Cleric :blush:

I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone!

As for small things that make my day better: I love lavender oil and I use it on my pillows and as a diluted spray in my hair! It reminds me of home and helps me with my anxiety :blush:

Question for the next poster: what’s your favourite animal and why?


Welcome to the guild, @Connielass, @Ignatius and @MorganaMagica! Thanks for sharing. Ignatius, I’m very sorry to hear about your father’s passing.

It sounds like a lot of us have medical and musical backgrounds, which is really fitting based on the guide’s description of Gossmere!


Hello I’m Guddrik. I am an estimator for an electrical contractor. I felt a great resonance in being sorted to Gossmere. I have always loved being part of a community and helping others. I have been all over the southeast and made some trips up north. I am looking forward to a trip to the Gtand Canyon within the next year or two with some old buddies.

I really enjoy helping others learn any skillset I can. I have taught Tae Kwon Do and tutored math all the way up to college level Calculus.

I enjoy reading, video games, and roleplaying games like D&D with most of my experience being in 5e D&D. I also enjoy riding bikes and going on hikes

As to my favorite animal, it is a wolverine. I was a small kid growing up and I thought it was cool that a wolverine could run off wolves and bears which are much larger than it.

My question is who is your favorite music artist and what is your favorite song by them?


Hi all, I’m Sabine! Currently a student of illustration, I don’t have time to do much else or spread my wings particularly far, though I’m sure that will change in future!

I love reading, writing, playing DnD, drawing and a sprinkle of other things! My circle keeps getting bigger every day, it’s an odd feeling, but one I welcome. It’s good to be a part of the many! I used to be quite the team leader, these days I help out in more subtle ways.

My favourite artist and songs change daily, but for the past few weeks I’ve been torn between Hozier and Glass Animals, and the songs Be and Take A Slice (the latter of which has explicit lyrics for those of you wanting to search it)

For the next poster, if you could go anywhere in the world right now, instantly, where would you go, and what would you bring?



I’m Osprey. I love games, studying Norse runes, and I’m about to start school to become an MA. I’m pretty nervous whenever I try to join in with a group but I’m also excited to get to know everyone. I also doodle a lot. (Seriously, a lot of doodling)

If I were to go anywhere in the world…I’m not fully sure. I would probably go to a country that comes from a Norse heritage because I would love to learn more about it and I’ve never felt fully right being where I’m at. As for what I’d bring with me I’d probably bring general necessities and I’d try to see if I could drag my partner along too.

For the next person: What is your favorite topic of study?


Welcome to the tribe, Osprey :gossmere:


Hello, I’m onward. I love to play any kind of game from any generation. I’ve also loved reading and learning about any mythology. This is my first time in a forum so still trying to get used to it, though so far its kinda fun.

As for the question of my favorite topic. I love mythology, I’ve been reading up on a couple for a few years trying to learn all the major and minor dieties. I started loving this with a book by rick riordan "the lightning thief. "

For the next person: what was the first book you feel in love with?


I would like to preface this saying that all the guilds are rad but to me Gossmere was always the one I felt the most affinity too. I definitely have traits of the others but this guild just feels like home in all the best ways.

I also love board games and DnD my dudes. :herb:So because I have a hectic schedule I have mant different campaigns with different friends spanning many different tones. I have a penchant for playing immortal characters with a lot of heart. @MorganaMagica in the Curse of Strahd Campaign I play Im a centuries old warforged life cleric. Who is a number one sweetie and doesnt really understand nuance or people but has the biggest heart.
@Onward and @Osprey I grew up on the shetland islands and have always felt really quite attached to the norse history of the islands, Ive always wanted to go to iceland or norway, particularly bergen which is just across the pond. I have particular affinity for the the tale of Sigyn/Sigunnr holding the bowl and I use it in my meditation and life all the time.
Also, fellow musician and medical practioner here. I work in a critical care unit in the hospital and its the perfect mixture of some pretty intense nursing care and palliative care which is one of my absolute passions. I play ocarina and theremin. Im also picking up guitar because Id love to be able to sing while playing an instrument.
The first book I fell in love with was Harry Potter (right generation for it) but as an adult I have fallen head over heels serious love with the Name of the Wind
For any new gossmere who passes by: outside family, what place or people have made you feel the most at home?
Seriously a pleasure to meet you all :revolving_hearts::two_hearts::revolving_hearts:


Welcome to the tribe, @violetlily.


Welcome home, Violet! :revolving_hearts:


What’s your guild bearing, @violetlily (and the rest of @Gossmere for that matter)? I’m an Eraverane (Gossmerim of the Eclipse).


I’m Eraverane too actually! Reading through all of the descriptions I love them all though. I think the Eclipse is particularly good for right now because through out my twenties (nearly half way there) I’ve been trying to stick my feelers out and feel homely in all the groups I interact with.
@Gossmere wheres our suns and moons at?


I definitely identified most strongly with my first result, Eraverane, at the time. However, I just retook the test and got Auromore, it felt like it fits where I am right now. :sun_with_face:


Thats super interesting, can you talk about that a little bit, what do you see as having changed for you?