Wiki: The Lost Athenaeum


The Lost Athenaeum is a website, located in The Low. It was used to acquire the Joradian Non-Material Safeguard and Consolatory Teatime for Misplaced Memory spells.


The Lost Athenaeum is a website with tiered access. It holds a library of spells. It is controlled by moderators, who decide what content can be accessed by certain members. Members with access to lower levels can do research, and read rare works and “forgotten” histories. According to Martin Rank, he had a contact who worked in the library but hadn’t heard from her in months.


After recruits located the website for Go-Getters mental health clinic, Aether sent emails to recruits—one with a password, another with a username, and a final one with a website name. Recruits were able to use the account to access the Consolatory Teatime for Misplaced Memory spell.

Stolen Credentials

  • Username: RKAdler
  • Password: 2jF)jD3qg9&QUFUC)MBNAC

The Search for Magiq

During the Search for Magiq, SpiritSeer brought the Mountaineers a Book of the Wild-esque advertisement for the use of the Neithercouriers, which had been found by her contact in the Low in a database summary of the old Lost Athenaeum website.