Wiki: Joradian Non-Material Safeguard


The Joradian Non-Material Safeguard was a spell performed by The Mountaineers, in order to protect their website from intruders, in Fragment Ten.


The Joradian Non-Material Safeguard is a spell used to protect homes or websites from malicious intent. The spell is performed by putting a customized version of the Joradian wheel on a website, combined with creating six elemental grounding boxes inscribed with representations of important memories, and filled with six elements. As long as the wheel is on the site and the vessels remain intact, the safeguard will remain in place. The most recent version is 42.06.


The Joradian Non-Material Safeguard was used in Fragment Ten, to protect the Basecamp 33 Forum. After finding Constance through Aether’s hidden edits of a Kemetic Solutions promotional video, she refused to discuss Aether without the creation of a safeguard. After obtaining the safeguard spell from The Lost Athenaeum, she sent it to a recruit on Tumblr, and they organized a Google Hangout. After the spell had been recited over Hangouts, a recruit edited the glyph to represent the memories of the six Mountaineers who completed the spell. A day later, the spell was successful, and recruits were able to speak with Constance on the forums.

The Incantation

Ore - You are the rock all life is built upon. You provide the mount on which we build our homes and the tools we use to build them. You lift us up to reach our true potential and receive us when our purpose wanes.

The Tides - You are the never-ending call of time. You cast your gifts upon the shore then draw them to the cold and twinkling deep. You witness all life rise and fall and rise again.

Wild - You are the source of all things savage and beautiful. You summon our primal urges and soothe us with the cradle song of life. You are the howl of our destructive instincts and the whisper that responds when we need mending.

Light - You are the dawning rays of sun and hearth at all day’s end. You call us all to rise and seek, then lead us safely home by firelight. All life begins and ends in your embrace.

Aether - You are the breath that fills others lungs, you dance through life in a song that is sung by many. You connect all lives together.

Thought - You are pure and innocent, ever-changing and never the same. You make the world move, you cause order and entropy. You are everything and you are nothing. Many wish they had you, most have no idea what they’re asking for.

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