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Fletcher Dawson is an author whose website was used to unlock the Cosmos Keyin Phase Three. They wrote “The Myth of Elainnor,” which contains a story about Galifanx, Gladitor, Durkonos, and Aorthora.


Fletcher Dawson is an artist with connections to The Low. Their website was blue with a canvas pattern and gold accents. It was protected by a Joradian Non-Material Safeguard spell, indicating that it would be safe from intruders who would wish the site harm. The site contained a four-question quiz based on the Phase Three fragments.


The name Fletcher Dawson was first found after the events of Fragment Twelve by a librarian in The Lost Athenaeum:

6/03/17 Sorry it took so long to follow up on your request, I knew I remembered those names from somewhere but had to do some digging to find the source. Galifanx, Gladitor, and Durkonos are objects in ‘The Myth of Elainnor’ by author Fletcher Dawson. They’re names of a shield, sword, and helmet, respectively. There’s a fourth object, but all we have on record is a partial summary of the story. Another librarian I work with thinks the missing piece might be armor (using context clues and process of elimination.) Hope this helps. What are you working on, btw?

In the absence of the Book of Briars, the quiz available on the site was thought to be the third Magimystical Assessment.

After recruits unlocked the cities, finding the combination to be Mexico City, Paris, St. Petersburg, and Montreal, the site’s menu revealed itself. However, the only page available was the Art section, which included the Cosmos graphic, the next two pages of The Ant and the Caterpillow, a Book of Briars key under the section ‘The Third Assessment,’ and an image of the Chronocompass under the section ‘Future Works.’

In Fragment Thirteen, recruits used guild traits ascertained from Deirdre Green’s blog post, ‘M. Grey Ackerly.’ The words ‘Bravery,’ ‘Heart,’ ‘Hope,’ ‘Woods,’ ‘Shore,’ and ‘Machine’ translated to Weatherwatch, Gossmere, Weatherwatch, Balimora, Ebenguard, and Flinterforge, respectively. Using the Chronocompass image on the Fletcher Dawson Chronocompass page, recruits clicked the letters on the compass in the order of the words on the letter, to make the compass spin. The Chronocompass spun to life after the correct combination was entered, then rang out four times, with a clock chime. After waiting until 4 pm EST, a new page unlocked on the Fletcher Dawson site: a message entry box with a warning at the top that said, “Be Careful What You Say And Send Or Time Itself Is What You’ll Rend.” Recruits could send messages to an unknown entity. At 4 am, the page changed to ‘A Reply,’ wherein the individual responded to the messages sent by the recruits.


During Phase Four, recruits used the Fletcher Dawson website to communicate with the '94 Mountaineers. The recruits first sent ‘emails’ to Augernon via a message box, but the page reverted on August 9. After the page was reset, it had an upload box that only accepted .mp3 files, which influenced Knatz’s dreams.

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