Wiki: Cosmos Key


The Cosmos Key was the third key to be unlocked by fragments nine through twelve.


The Cosmos key, in addition to the Chronos key, was never visibly unlocked on the Book of Briars. After the Book of Briars was destroyed during Fragment Twelve, the book’s image was ripped in half.


In the third phase, Mountaineers were given four constellations - Galifanx, Gladitor, Durkonos, and Aorthora. Several weeks after the destruction of the Book of Briars, recruits discovered an update to The Lost Athenaeum:

Librarian Request Responses:


Sorry it took so long to follow up on your request, I knew I remembered those names from somewhere but had to do some digging to find the source.

Galifanx, Gladitor, and Durkonos are objects in ‘The Myth of Elainnor’ by author Fletcher Dawson. They’re names of a shield, sword, and helmet, respectively. There’s a fourth object, but all we have on record is a partial summary of the story. Another librarian I work with thinks the missing piece might be armor (using context clues and process of elimination.)

Hope this helps. What are you working on, btw?

ADDED 6/06/17

Just wanted to give you a heads up that there was a document filed along with the myth summary. I don’t know if it’s related or misfiled (I didn’t even see it in the folder yesterday.) but it’s a list labeled “possible celestial bodies.”

Ring any bells? Dying to know what you’re working on…

Vieux Haven
Wallonia’s Second
Harmony’s Discourse
The Royal Hoop
Player’s Frigate
The Swallow
Haussmann’s Sanctuary
Obregón’s Requiem
Moskva’s Curve
Forgotten Forest
Legorreta’s Interior
Zeus’ Meadow

After looking into the names on the librarian’s list, they soon realized that each of the names was a clue to a real-world location. Following the name of the writer of ‘The Myth of Elainnor,’ Fletcher Dawson, lead to a new website and a new assessment. Entering the site led to a message: “Prove Your Mettle. You must find the four enchanted items Fletcher Dawson has hidden in cities around the world. Use your wit (and the celestial clues provided in Dawson’s newsletter from the fall of 1998) to unravel the mystery and gain access!”

Along with the instructions was a list of thirty-five cities, with the name of each constellation. Each of the points of the constellations mapped to locations within one real-world city, which led to the answer. Through trial and error, Mounties realized that the combination was Mexico City, Paris, St. Petersburg, and Montreal.

Unlike previous assessments, the Cosmos key did not require Mounties to work alone, or for multiple Mounties to solve the assessment. Due to the destruction of the Book of Briars, no new lock was unveiled and there was no key animation. The completion of the exam also did not result in a new title or level of magimyst.

However, the completion of the third exam did result in recruits gaining access to the Fletcher Dawson website, which contained the newest segments of The Ant and the Caterpillow, an image of a key, a new image with roman numerals, and an image of the Chronocompass in a section titled ‘Future Works.’