Wiki: The Myth of Elainnor


The Myth of Elainnor is a book that was written by Fletcher Dawson. It was read by Deirdre Green as a child in Neithernor, and rediscovered by her as an adult in the Neithernor vault.


According to the librarians at The Lost Athenaeum, Galifanx, Gladitor, Durkonos, and Aorthora are objects in the book:

“Galifanx, Gladitor, and Durkonos are objects in ‘The Myth of Elainnor’ by author Fletcher Dawson. They’re names of a shield, sword, and helmet, respectively. There’s a fourth object, but all we have on record is a partial summary of the story. Another librarian I work with thinks the missing piece might be armor (using context clues and process of elimination.)”

They are names of a shield, sword, helmet, and armor, respectively. Little is known about the plot of The Myth of Elainnor, aside from the fact that Elainnor, the titular character, had to gather the five objects from the book to save the woman she loved.


The Myth of Elainnor was first mentioned in the Phase Three assessment. Recruits went to the Lost Athenaeum for hints on how to enter the Fletcher Dawson website, and while obtaining information regarding the landmarks that connected to the constellations, the name of The Myth of Elainnor was mentioned.

In the blog post titled “The Vault,” Deirdre describes being in Neithernor and recalling that Sullivan had read her The Myth of Elainnor when she was a child. She described the book as “her soul’s providence,” and was able to find it among the thousands of books in the vault by using magiq. Later, in the post “The Six Books,” The Myth of Elainnor was one of the five books Deirdre used in casting the spell which was used to find The Little Red House.

On The Day of Change, Deirdre used The Myth of Elainnor to protect herself from the Storm, creating translucent versions of Elainnor’s armor and weapons to strike down the Storm.

Shrines to Elainnor Heavenwielder

While working to unlock The Book of Briars in spring 2020, Eaves had the Mountaineers track down four locations in Mexico City, Paris, Montreal, and St. Petersburg that were appearing to Portencia in visions. According to Port, the visions were coming from four people who visited the locations each day, guardians of shrines that supposedly contained “icons of Elainnor Heavenwielder.” The identification of each shrine resulted in the release of Part 3 of The Book of Briars.

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