Wiki: Consolatory Teatime for Misplaced Memory


Consolatory Teatime for Misplaced Memory was a spell performed by The Mountaineers and Martin Rank, in Fragment Eleven, to retrieve memories stolen from Augernon.


The Consolatory Teatime for Misplaced Memory was a spell used in Fragment Eleven to awaken lost memories within Augernon. Using credentials stolen by Aether from a user on The Lost Athenaeum, recruits were able to gain access to the spell. The spell was successfully completed by Mountaineers, who performed the spell on Google Hangouts, as well as on a thread in the Basecamp 33 Forum. Martin Rank also participated, drinking tea in person with Augernon. Although the spell was successfully performed, it led to Augernon having a seizure after the effects of the spell were over.

Recruits gave Augernon the Consolatory Teatime spell in Fragment Thirteen, telling him that it had helped them reach out to a friend in the past. Augernon took the spell and used it on his grandfather, who told him about the lost history he had lived through during World War II. Because of the spell, Augernon was able to acquire a spellbook with a bastard hex which allowed the '94 Mountaineers to erase their memories of magiq to protect themselves from the Storm.

The Consolatory Teatime spell was used on Theodore Fallon during Fragment Fifteen so that Martin Rank could gather information on the Storm from Teddy. The spell was successful and managed to have less severe consequences than it did with Augernon, as Teddy was able to walk Martin out of his house when Teddy’s care workers became suspicious of him.

The Incantation

Consolatory Teatime for Misplaced Memory* – A Summoning Ritual v1.03
[Multiple Practitioners/Food & Beverage/Memory/Unperfected/Hearsay/Herbs]

Note: the original text of this spell involved two persons, the one who had lost the memory, and the one who would summon the memory. As with most spells now, it may take more people to conjure the memory on this side of the veil.


Several people must brew a cup of tea simultaneously. Any tea of one’s choosing is appropriate as long as it’s herbed in some way.
One of the practitioners must be in the physical presence of the person with the misplaced memory.
Sit with someone, have a warming cup of tea, and tell them something, a story, an anecdote about your day. Think calm and tranquil thoughts, allowing memories to swim in and out of consciousness.

The act of sharing teatime around a “table” of any sort is helpful in summoning the lost memory, especially if the memory is particularly lost. In the mundane age, a conference call or video call might suffice.

When you’re finished, speak the summoning phrase:

“Now tell me something you remember, eyes are open, ears are hearing, something far away but nearing, something bubbling into view, something gone made now and new.” The original ritual depicted the misplaced memory being summoned physically inside a spheroid shape, though it may have been an artistic elaboration. Modern practitioners have claimed seeing glimpses of memories in their tea but no such claims have been substantiated.

This ritual may bring a sense of comfort but has yet to be perfected as an actual spell here in the mundane.

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