Wiki: Galifanx


Galifanx is a constellation in the Briarverse.


Galifanx is a roughly U-shaped constellation, with a slightly squared bottom component. The image of Galifanx, found on the Book of Briars website, was colored white with a blurred, light blue outline.

Galifanx is also an object in The Myth of Elainnor by Fletcher Dawson. According to the librarians of the The Lost Athenaeum, Galifanx is the shield that Elainnor carries.


Galifanx is the name of Fragment Nine. It was found after stacking a series of constellation disks together to create a series of letters that lead to the fragment. The image contained on the fragment page was necessary to solve the third Magimystical Assessment and unlock the Cosmos Key.

During The Day of Change, Deirdre wore glass armor reminiscent of the objects worn by Elainnor, including Galifanx, Durkonos, and Gladitor.