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Teddy is an employee of Kemetic Solutions, who worked to open a door into the magical world.


Teddy speaks with a Southern American accent, often speaking slowly and with great emphasis on certain words. He works with Kemetic Solutions in retrieving and experimenting on magimystically adept individuals, often without regard for their safety. Despite this morally ambiguous state of affairs, his personal logs indicate he does feel some sense of remorse towards his subjects, noting, for example, that he hopes to “do better by” Aether than he did other subjects.


Teddy first appeared in Fragment Ten, in a video altered by Aether. Recruits could hear him calling Aether and requesting to meet in person. Then, they could hear Teddy asking Aether to use magiq to peer into his phone’s camera. At some point, Teddy told Aether, “I believe you could find a family with us. A family, Aether. Perhaps for the first time in your life. No, we have no interest in changing your mind, but with your mind, we will change everything.” He then kidnapped Aether and took him to Kemetic Solutions’ underground facility, where he proceeded to test Aether’s magiqal abilities. Using the materials from Fragment Four, involving Brandon Lachmann’s escape from the world, Teddy hoped to open a door into the world of magiq.

On April 27th, 2017, during an experiment in which Teddy asked Aether to use his mind to envision a door and describe what he saw, Aether attempted to escape. Using his power to manipulate technology, Aether was able to leave his body behind, and enter Kemetic Solutions’ computer systems, much to Teddy’s fury and horror. While inside of the system, Aether leaked some of Teddy’s experiment logs. The logs revealed more about Teddy’s motivations. He was obsessed with following the path of Brandon Lachmann, who opened a door to another world. After an ancient Etruscan arch had been uncovered, he became obsessed with opening it, in the hopes of following Brandon’s path. To do so, he transferred all of the captured adepts to the project. Using a magically powered chair, Teddy attempted to strengthen the adepts’ powers so he could manifest the door, an act which harmed the adepts while failing to produce any results.

During Fragment Eleven, Teddy was obsessed with tracking down Aether’s digital form and returning him to his body. During Aether’s escape, he asked Aether whether he “remember[ed] what happened last time,” indicating that Aether had tried to escape before. Although Teddy carefully guarded Aether over a long period of time, he was unsuccessful in bringing the boy back to his body.

In Fragment Twelve, Teddy allowed Whistler to think that she had some autonomy, having her contact the Mountaineers and pretend to be an informant who had been freed from Kemetic Solutions’ mind control after an accident. In reality, Whistler was Sacha, and this was a ruse to lure Martin Rank, a valuable well, to the headquarters so he could capture him, and use his powers. Teddy considered all of these risks to be worthwhile if they could lead him to the Palace of Doors. On May 31st, 2017, Martin Rank broke into Kemetic Solutions, attempting to rescue Aether, Portencia, and Climber. While Teddy was talking to Martin, he believed that Sacha had helped trap Aether in a firewalled cell. However, Martin revealed that Aether had never gone with Sacha, but was still in Martin’s earpiece and had been using the past ten minutes to transfer gigabytes of Kemetic Solutions’ data to a secure location. The transfer had caught the attention of the Storm, which Teddy soon realized. The Storm arrived, causing untold damage to the building and its inhabitants. However, Aether was able to disable the Kemetic Solutions security, and Martin escaped with all of the captives, using a magiq door created by Portencia.

Afterward, Kemetic Solutions was shut down, and Teddy returned to his home north of Boston, with his memory wiped by The Silver. Martin Rank traveled there to meet him, pretending to be Fallon’s doctor in order to get past security. Though Fallon’s memory had been wiped, the Mountaineers were able to cast Consolatory Teatime for Misplaced Memory, and learned that he had allowed Kemetic Solutions to take his son Nate, after Nate, using his adept magimystic powers, had accidentally sent his mother, Ava Fallon, into the 16th century, where she died. Kemetic Solutions claimed they could cure Nate, though Fallon admits he knew this was not the case, and that they were actually using Nate’s adept abilities to feed The Storm in exchange for valuable magimystic artifacts. Eventually, this killed Nate. Fallon said a part of him always saw Ava in Nate’s eyes, and he would be glad to be rid of Nate for this reason. After Fallon told this story, The Storm arrived at the house, and Martin had to escape, leaving Fallon’s ultimate fate unknown.

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