Wiki: Palace of Doors


The Palace of Doors is the fortress, in the mundane world, in which the Silver has at times hoarded magimystic artifacts.


The house of the Silver in Neithernor was built on the great eastern sea. It was far removed from the other lands of Neithernor. When the War of Neithernor occurred, the Silver was working on a secret place inside of the mundane reality. Instead of sharing the discoveries they’d made in the mundane, they’d been secretly collecting them, stockpiling them out of view of Monarch’s Mountain. In the Silver’s writings, there was mention of those artifacts being transported back and forth between their earthly “palace of doors” and Neithernor. Within the Neithernorian fortress was a dark door which connected to the palace of doors, but could only be opened one way, after the Monarchs barred the Silver from Neithernor.

The palace of doors was a towering place made of countless rooms, libraries, galleries, and museum halls full of magimystic artifacts, connected to every corner of the world. Vast and quiet and cold.


The palace of doors was first mentioned in Fragment Eleven by Augernon, who told Martin Rank that the Silver ruled the world from the palace made of doors. In Fragment Twelve, during the infiltration of Kemetic Solutions, Theodore Fallon mentioned to Martin that he had been brought to the palace made of doors, which was working on shutting doors rather than opening them.

In the post “Doors Unknocked,” Sullivan Green described his infiltration of the Palace of Doors. After hiding in their stronghold for weeks, avoiding the sounds of footsteps on icy marble, he found what he was looking for. In the heart of the palace, he found a copy of Ackerly Green’s Guide to MAGIQ. He stole it, along with whatever else he could carry, including a pocket watch he found which had belonged to the Green family long ago. Using wrought magiq, Sullivan was able to escape, teleporting himself to the other side of the world. Sullivan was able to knock into Neithernor from there but had been touched by the Storm in the process, losing a part of himself.