Wiki: Whistler

Whistler, also known as the Whistleblower, is an employee of Kemetic Solutions who acted as an informant to Martin Rank in Fragment Eleven.


Whistler is a security engineer who worked under Theodore Fallon at Kemetic Solutions. Because her mind was wiped by Kemetic Solutions, Whistler has conflicting memories of her past. She remembers going to school for cybersecurity, but cannot recall the details of being there. Whistler described the experience of having her memory wiped as a “lobotomy.”

Whistler has worked for Kemetic Solutions for an unknown amount of time. In emails with Martin Rank, she described signing many non-disclosure agreements because Kemetic Solutions is a high-security research and development lab. She also had to take “weird video assessments with all these disturbing images… they track your eyes and scan your brain activity to see if you’re trustworthy, willing to be compliant… Weird, next-level stuff. But I passed it all. I don’t remember too much else, and that’s the thing.”

Whistler continued to work at Kemetic Solutions, forgetting everything about her job once she left the office each day, until she was involved in a car accident, and got a severe head injury. After the injury, she began realizing she had two sets of memories. Kemetic Solutions had not only removed parts of her memory but had also changed some aspects of it.

Recruits first encountered Whistler during Fragment Eleven, after Martin Rank successfully retrieved Augernon’s lost memories. After finding Martin’s information on a tech blog that Aether had pulled up on Whistler’s computer, she decided to seek out his help. In turn, Martin informed The Mountaineers, believing Whistler could offer them a way into the corporation.

Whistler continued to recover more and more memories of her time at Kemetic Solutions. She recorded her day to day experiences as Kemetic Solutions scrambled to track Aether’s digital form, though Whistler was unaware of who exactly they were pursuing. Whistler was eventually requested by Teddy Fallon to monitor the experiments being done on Portencia. At this point, Marty told Whistler that the Mountaineers were a human rights organization tracking Kemetic Solutions because they suspected them of experimenting on humans, which Whistler believed. Whistler slowly began to remember the experiments done on Aether, including putting him in a magic chair that enhanced his powers in some way. As she remembered more and more, she became extremely distressed. Fearing she would have a meltdown, Marty told Whistler the full truth of the Mountaineers. Although Whistler was skeptical of Marty’s claims at first, she began to accept the truth, after seeing Teddy write in his notebook, which in turn wrote back to him.

After a few days, Whistler decided to infiltrate Kemetic Solutions. She told Marty that the major security system undergoes an update that forces it to shut down for fifteen minutes, with a redundant system taking its place during that time. Whistler was able to disable the redundant system for that time, meaning security would not be alerted if an intruder was present. After thinking up the plan, Portencia sent Whistler a vision of her (Whistler) acting out the plan in the future, saying that she saw “People dying. The boy running and me following. And then she showed the two of us acting on the plan I just thought up the night before. You. Here. With the boy’s ‘mind’ on your phone. I can’t see past us meeting in the lobby and then splitting up, you going to the sublevel and me taking your phone, with the boy, to medical. She showed me that we try, but what happens after, I don’t know.” Whistler revealed a date for the infiltration: May 31st, 2017 at 5 pm.

During the infiltration of Kemetic Solutions by Aether and Marty, Whistler came to meet the pair at the entrance, shutting down all of the cameras for a brief moment. According to the plan, Whistler took Marty’s phone, which was inhabited by Aether’s soul, and went to the basement to take it down to Aether’s unconscious body.

After Whistler had gone downstairs, Teddy’s voice rang out from the intercom, mocking Marty, and stating that Whistler had been a trap and was under their control the entire time. She was taking Aether’s soul to be locked behind a firewall. It then became apparent that Marty had recognized Whistler; she was Sacha. Marty was distraught, learning that Sacha had not truly been freed, but had anticipated the treachery and told Aether to remain in his Bluetooth headpiece.

While Sacha was taking the phone to the basement, the Storm hit, leaving her ultimate fate unknown.

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