Wiki: Nate Fallon

Nate Fallon was an adept, and the son of Theodore Fallon and Ava Fallon.


Nate was taken into custody by Kemetic Solutions, with the permission of his father, a Kemetic Solutions employee named Theodore Fallon (Teddy). Teddy hoped to use Nate’s powers to unlock a door to a world where magiq was more prevalent, just as he hoped to do by kidnapping Aether. However, his reasons for bringing Nate to Kemetic Solutions were more complex than this alone.

Before the founding of Kemetic Solutions, Teddy and Ava Fallon traveled the world together, collecting the books of Saverina, a 16th-century storyteller. At this time, it was becoming apparent that Nate was an adept magimyst, a relative rarity in the Book of Kings. Nate could trade objects in exchange for artifacts that had been lost over time, a skill which was greatly valued by his father. Nate’s adept magimystic abilities were discovered in large part because he was able to summon the only volume of Saverina’s works that Ava and Teddy were unable to find during their travels. He was also able to recover his mother’s lost engagement ring.

Later, in another magical trade, Nate used his powers to transport Ava into the 16th century, from where she could not be recovered until she had already died. This eventually led to Teddy’s decision to submit Nate to Kemetic Solutions, allegedly to cure him of his ability, but really so that he could be used by Kemetic Solutions to retrieve valuable magimystic artifacts. This exchange eventually cost Nate his life, as his soul was dissolved into The Storm. In retrospect, Teddy admitted that he knew Nate would probably die, but could no longer stand to see Ava in his eyes, after he (Nate) had caused her death.