Wiki: Ava Fallon

Ava Fallon was the wife of Theodore Fallon (Teddy) and mother of Nate Fallon (also known as Wanderer).


Before the founding of Kemetic Solutions, she traveled the world with her husband, collecting the books of Saverina, a 16th-century storyteller. Nate’s adept magiqal abilities were discovered in large part because he was able to summon a volume of Saverina’s works that Ava and Teddy were unable to find during their travels. Nate’s ability required him to trade an object of value for whichever object (of equal value) he was retrieving.

Later, in another magiqal trade, Nate used his powers to transport Ava into the 16th century, from whence she could not be recovered until she had already died. This eventually led to Teddy’s decision to submit Nate to Kemetic Solutions, allegedly to cure him of his ability, but in reality, only so that he could be used by Kemetic Solutions to retrieve valuable magimystic artifacts, at the cost of Nate’s life and dissolution into The Storm.