Wiki: The Monarch Papers (Novels)


The Monarch Papers is the true account of how a tight-knit online community called The Mountaineers unlocked the mysterious, magical novel, The Book of Briars.


Journalist Martin Rank, along with author CJ Bernstein, have collected materials from blogs, forum posts, and the eponymous series of journals left behind by Sullivan Green, to piece together what happened over the course of 14 months, beginning in the summer of 2016.

The Mountaineers worked together to solve sixteen mind-bending magical puzzles in the hopes of revealing the truth about what happened to magiq, and our memories of it in this world. They discovered hidden artifacts, cast spells, hunted dark magicians, sought help from all-seeing oracles, performed life-saving heists, and even reached back in time to help previous iterations of Mountaineers, all the while learning more and more about how richly magical our world once was.