Wiki: Weekly Recaps


Weekly Recaps were blog posts by Eaves each week during the events of The Monarch Papers, summarizing the Mountaineers’ actions to unlock the Book of Briars. An archive of the weekly recaps can be found on the Ackerly Green Forum.


The weekly recaps were regular blog posts written by the core Mountaineers, primarily Eaves, to summarize and link to important events that had gone on in the past week. The Weekly Recaps were one of the most in-depth ways to get caught up with the events of The Monarch Papers before the publication of the novels.


The Weekly Recaps were initially created by Endri, who managed the reports from July 17th to August 28th, 2016. However, realizing the huge influx of information on the Basecamp 33 Forum, Endri realized that someone with skills in data archiving was necessary, something that she was most suited for. She decided to shift gears and focus on organizing and moderating the forums. From then on, the Recaps were handled by Eaves, with Endri making occasional reappearances, until they were handed off to community leader @Deyavi in September 2017.