Wiki: The Wellspring

The Wellspring was a spell in the Briarverse.


The Wellspring was created by the Mountaineers as a sort of anti-Cataclysm spell, after Eaves relayed the news that Yuridia had finally sensed the loss of free magic from the world. As a last effort to close the Book of Kings and open the Book of Briars, hopefully returning magic to the world, they agreed upon a spell that would take whatever was left of magic and spread it like seeds all across the world, ushering in a new age where magic could take root and flourish again.


The spell required the use of an object of focused power, the creation of a story or some other kind of figuration magic, and the recitation of an incantation, which was reworked from the text of the Cataclysm spell. Saberlane used Avis Green’s aliquary as the focus of the spell and cast it from the Ackerly Green offices on February 1st, 2020.


Seed to be planted
Filled with potential
Waiting for spring to come
With love and with light
Refract through our hearts
Gleam bold strong and true
Go out into the world
To shine forth anew


The Wellspring succeeded in bringing about the new age, Mirumagiqum, but Saberlane disappeared after casting and was not seen again.