Wiki: Mirumagiqum

Book of Time

Mirumagiqum is a period of time in the Briarverse.


Mirumagiqum: more commonly referred to as The Age of Magiq. A time known in classical magimystic parlance as The Book of Briars.


Mirumagiqum is the name of Fragment Sixteen. It was found after the Book of Briars was resurrected by the Mountaineers. The Book created an account, began liking the posts that recruits had written to it, and then posted the word on the forums.

On February 1, 2020, the Mountaineers, Saberlane, and the members of Basecamp 34 all cast the Wellspring spell, which effectively closed the Book of Kings and jumpstarted the Book of Briars, officially bringing the current timeline into Mirumagiqum.