Wiki: The Fray


The Fray is a location within the Briarverse where magiq still exists.


The Fray is a location in-between worlds where magiq still exists. Fraylilies grow there. Little else is known of the contents of The Fray at this time.


The Fray was first mentioned by Cole Sumner, who saw the place in his dreams. He was so inspired by the area and its features that he created drawings of its flowers, known as fraylilies.

During Fragment Twelve, The Churning Storm stated its intentions to permanently banish The Council of the 18 Gates to The Fray.

The Fray and Neithernor

Mr. Wideawake explained to Deirdre that Monarch’s Mountain once experimented with wells. They were hoping to find answers about our changed world, and sometime in the Book of The Wild, someone managed to harvest a piece of the Fray deep within a well, to study it, but the piece began to grow. They were afraid it would take over our world, so they tried to send it back, but as reaching out to The Fray is unpredictable and dangerous, it wouldn’t accept the piece. They tried to destroy it, and thought they had, but it actually grew just outside our world and eventually became Neithernor, a place where magiq and imagination could be fully realized without limit, without fear of misunderstanding or retribution, but with its own risks and dangers.

The Search for Magiq

In a message sent to the Mountaineers via Neithercourier during the Search for Magiq, a messenger from the Sanctuary claimed:

The Book of the Wild is nothing now but echoes, the Fray has fallen silent, and now all that remains that isn’t Elsewhither is this, the dying Book of Kings.