Wiki: The Lost Collection

Group of Books

The Lost Collection is a name used by The Mountaineers to refer to a number of books published by Ackerly Green Publishing during the 1950s and 1960s. Subsequently, all physical traces of these books disappeared, and they were all but forgotten. The Mountaineers have spent decades pursuing evidence that these books were intentionally erased from the memories of all who ever encountered them.


The books contained in The Lost Collection were originally printed by Ackerly Green Publishing when it was still run by its founders, Warner Green and Meredith Grey Ackerly. Subsequently, nearly all physical traces and memories of the books have disappeared. For decades the reason for this was unknown, until Deirdre Green, granddaughter of Warner Green, went to Neithernor and spoke with Mr. Wideawake. During their conversation she learned that in the early 2000s, The Book of the Wild was replaced with The Book of Kings, erasing almost all magiq from the world.

The first resurfacing of a book from The Lost Collection occurred when a copy of Ackerly Green’s Guide to Magiq was discovered by a demolition crew at the site of the New York City Lunatic Asylum. This copy was later stolen from The Morgan Library in New York and destroyed, but eight years later, another copy was discovered by The Mountaineers and digitally scanned before it too was destroyed.

The Mountaineers later spent a year trying to unlock The Book of Briars, another book in The Lost Collection, after they were made aware of its continued existence by a series of mysterious online clues. The account of their efforts was then adapted into the two-book series The Monarch Papers.

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