Wiki: Ackerly Green Book Shop

The Ackerly Green Book Shop was a business in the Book of the Wild, run by Avis Green, and adjacent to the offices of Ackerly Green Publishing.


From Avis Green’s journal entries, we know that the Book Shop specialized in old and rare books. We know too from later entries that it shared a building with the Ackerly Green Publishing offices and was located on the first floor.

The Secret Society

In February 2018, strange photos of vintage books began appearing on the Ackerly Green Instagram account, alongside captions detailing something unique about the book, all signed “A.G.” The first photo was of Ojo in Oz, and the following posts were also of antique editions of classic books such as Through the Looking Glass, The Wind in the Willows, Gulliver’s Travels, Oliver Twist, and others. A total of twenty-seven mysterious “A.G.” posts appeared on the official Ackerly Green account before they stopped at the end of August.

The posts were occurring at the same time as Saberlane had begun noticing other faint office sounds from within the Ackerly Green offices, such as faraway voices, pages turning and tearing, phones ringing, and the sounds of typewriter keys clicking. This led the Mountaineers to believe in the possibility that the Book of Kings version of the Ackerly Green office was somehow experiencing a connection with the one that existed in the Book of the Wild.

In March 2019, Saberlane noticed comments on the archived photos that were also signed by “A.G.”, documenting the fact that her journal entries seemed to be disappearing. These comments confirmed the Mountaineers’ theories that the mysterious poster was the same person as the one who the mysterious journal had belonged to, and the photos appearing on the Ackerly Green Instagram account were misplaced entries in her own private records. These theories were confirmed when Saberlane and Catherine discovered Avis Green’s journal in the office and were able to transcribe some of the entries before they faded completely.

Out of World

The Ackerly Green Book Shop also refers to the online store portion of Ackerly Green, where readers can purchase Briarverse-related books, apparel, home goods, and other memorabilia.