Wiki: Monarch's Mountain (The Monarchs)


The Monarchs, also known as Monarch’s Mountain, are a group of magimystical individuals who were wiped out by The Silver. They followed the Path of Wool to discover magiq.

The Search for Magiq

When the Mountaineers cast the Peering Arts spell during the Search for Magiq, they discovered Ascender’s memories of finding what was left of the Monarchs hiding in an old apartment building in Philadelphia, which they called Monarch’s Manor. They were weakened and exhausted, beaten by the Silver at every turn, and put up little fight when Ascender and his group came to take the Manor on the Day of Change. Knatz described their demeanor as “exhausted from holding on to old ways too long.” While some ran off with whatever information they could carry from the Manor, according to Ascender, others returned to offer their assistance.

Ascender and the others learned that the Monarchs had been researching recent changes to the flow of magic and the rules that constrained it, and had been working on ways to try and correct or prevent these changes when they were besieged. They were aware that even the oldest safeguards, including the Joradian Non-Material Safeguard, were starting to fail as the Book of Kings neared its end.

The Monarchs had attempted to destroy their library database when they were besieged, but Endri and Bash were determined to recover the information they had been hiding. They stayed on at Monarch’s Manor, working to find a better way to protect themselves than the failing Joradian, and eventually discovered Determiner-12.