Wiki: Monarch's Manor

Monarch’s Manor is a place in the Briarverse.


Monarch’s Manor was first referenced by Ascender in the thoughts revealed from the Peering Arts spell during the Search for Magiq. He described it as the former headquarters of Monarch’s Mountain, who had been severely weakened by the Silver, and were living in an old apartment building in Philadelphia.

The Day of Change

On the Day of Change, Ascender and a small group including Endri, Bash, and Knatz took over the building. The remaining members of Monarch’s Mountain put up very little fight, and Knatz described their demeanor as “exhausted from holding on to old ways too long.” While most of the older members fled with whatever they could carry, some of the younger members stayed on to join Ascender’s group and lend their assistance. Monarch’s Manor became the headquarters of those who had left the Mountaineers but continued to research magic and its disappearance from the world.