PRSFNE, or the Polyguildic Research Society For Neithernorian Exploration, was an organization dedicated to exploring and cataloging Neithernor.


PRSFNE was named after Persephone, the goddess who leaves the world, but returns. The organization was formed by the Mountaineers after they were able to unlock the door to Neithernor once the Book of Briars was opened. Mountaineers posted their travel journals on the forums, as well as describing their adventures on the Ackerly Green Discord Server. Initially, PRSFNE was more open on the forums and Discord, but it was later given a ‘soft reset,’ and access was restricted to forum members at a certain trust level. According to Saberlane, this was because it was up to the Mountaineers to protect Neithernor, so they needed some way to vet who had access.


PRSFNE began in the winter of 2018. Initially, it was freeform, allowing Mountaineers to roam and discover their guildhalls and general surroundings. However, with Ghosts of Neithernor, Mountaineers soon had a goal in mind: exploring the echoes of the past to learn more about the Monarchs and the way that Neithernor used to exist before it was turned to ruins. PRSFNE was largely a freeform adventure, allowing Mountaineers to do whatever they wished, whether that be exploring new lands, cataloging creatures and objects, or attempting to rebuild the Guild Houses and other areas in Neithernor.