Wiki: Fragment Nine

Fragment Nine: Galifanx


The Mountaineers’ journey into the cosmos began with a message from Lauren Ellsworth. The new Cagliostro found a message in the copy of Seven Cradle Songs, which she had stolen from the Morgan Library. She later came to believe that it was meant for the Mountaineers. It was quite a shock to the Mountaineers to learn she knew all about them, but, given the scope of her new powers, they were able to accept it in time. After leaving them the clues to the next fragment and a message wishing them well, the Mountaineers did not hear from her for some time.

Their path ahead lay in six riddles and two journal pages. Each page contained three blank discs. It quickly became apparent that astronomy and science would play a large part in this Fragment, as all of the riddles tended towards constellations, scientists, and scientific discoveries. With each riddle solved, another missing piece of the journals came into being. In the end, they had six circles composed of letters and black holes, each with the symbol for a different planet on it.

Several different ways of stacking these discs became apparent. Testing each method and looking through the black holes on the page to the discs beneath led to the names of six constellations. Following the trail of constellations through the Book of Briars led to the sixth constellation, and the ninth fragment, Galifanx.