A Balimoran Gathering!

So, we’ve never really had a welcome topic in here (besides the couple of individual introductions), and after a thought (cough reading Viv’s thread cough), we should probably have one over here.

Old and new members alike, pull up the nearest of the assorted chairs that Steve has collected and wave at us :smiley: Feel free to either expand on what you said on the Welcome topic, or chip in to get to know your other guild memebers. We have a couple of old topics around here on what it is to be a Bali, but you can share your own initial thoughts in here too :slight_smile:


Okay, I’ll start.

Hey, I’m Nimueh (Nim’s fine), and I’m one of the guild leaders for Bali (alongside the wonderful Helios). I choose the name after the Lady of the Lake in Arthurian legend (yep, just like Viv). Love all things Arthurian, and what makes it even cooler is I’m from Wales, so right in the heart of it all.

I’m about to finish a BMus (like, I legit graduate in July), so as you can probably guess I’m into music. I play Flute, piano, sing, compose, arrange, and produce my own music for my youtube and soundcloud channels. I’m slowly working towards being a practicing pagan, have been for the past few years, and I am very much on the ecclectic end of the spectrum. Huge animal lover, really miss having having a pet, but Uni dorms don’t really allow that.

Honoured to make your acquaintances!


Names aspen, after the tree of course (aspens are wonderful) I’m a chill cat, like to read, write, sing and draw… I like to do pretty much anything, I have an insatiable craving for knowledge. I love nature, and the world, but am not so fond of humans… that’s the way of it eh? any who I enjoy a good book or better a conversation, so if you ever want to talk I am always up for it. I like philosophy and looking at all the angles of an issue that I can. Mostly I just like to explore anything and everything. I still am in High School, graduate in a few weeks though… Also I think I am one hundred percent out of my mind, and it’s awesome, so hullo everybody, nicetomeetcha.


I’m Leaves, which has been my nickname for everything ever so it’s sorta fitting that I’m a Balimoran.
I love drawing, crocheting and playing video games. I’ve been trying to teach myself how to play violin and I played the flute for seven years in the school band.
I’ve always loved the urban fantasy genre where it’s almost like the real world but there’s undercurrents of magic and stuff so I am really excited that I found the Magiqverse!
One last thing about me is that I love animals, especially cats. Anything to do with cats! I love them. Send me pics of your cat(or any of your pets) and we’ll be instant friends.


Hi there. I’m Robert and I have a problem. I like working on puzzles and making weird theories and that’s why I’ve been here forever. If you want to know some random bit of TMP trivia, hollar and hopefully I can point you the right way.

When I have time without my two kids (3 and 5 years old) needing me, I like computer gaming and finding something to do to keep my mind occupied.

Anything you need. I’m often about.


Yes, hi! I have arrived! >:3

Names chi! People call me connor in real life, im happy with either name but i like my good friends calling me connor. Im a musician, as i said, particularly specialized as a guitarist and singer. I used to do game development when i was younger, but recently ive fallen into a rut the size of marianas trench and i never did end up freeing myself.

Im a massive foodie, and i love anything that looks great and tastes good. I have a particular penchant lately for asian food, and any noodle dishes tend to draw my attention. As for drink, im a huge advocate for earl grey tea, and its more complicated ally, london fog!

Im big on crafting, making anything that i think i can build. I particularly enjoy tailoring and woodworking, but i only really have the resources for a spot of clothing making.

Game wise, im a massive tabletop and dnd nerd, but im also a huge Live Action Role Player, too. I paly a game called amtgard, more full contact fighting sport than rpg. Ask me about it sometime, ill talk your ear off ^^

Im pretty quiet at first, and can be sometimes a tad irritable, but if you stick with me and keep me from running away, hopefully we can be friends.


sets out tray of muffins

I’m going by Sorrel hereabouts. I have one of those job things that I have to do all day and is not interesting. When I’m not doing that I spend my time trying to pry stories out of my brain (the stories, for their part, do their utmost to stay stuck in there) and tending to the needs of an exceedingly snuggly dog and his grumpface lizard brother. I’m a ridiculous Middle-earth fanatic and watching the films with me is either great or terrible depending on how much the people around me want to know about the history of Galadriel.

I was a bit confused by my placement in Balimora at first, but then I remembered my favorite kinds of stories when I was little were the ones about people disappearing into the woods to be raised by animals or fairies. The more I thought about it the more sense it made, though I believe I fit best as a Balithorn polyguild.

Seems like we have a few musical folks about! I’m not the musician sort myself, but I’m a decent (if out of practice) dancer.


@Cj_Heighton, Used to do amtgard myself when I was a wee lad. I’ve been wanting to get back into it quite badly… Anywho, also a DnD nerd. would love to chat some time :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Bookchin! I’m a PolSci graduate from the UK and something of a fan of the American political philosopher (hence the name) who was fittingly the founder of social ecology. I currently have a job that is so dull that it makes my brain burst so I spend most of the day thinking about basically anything, with magiq currently topping the list. Soon I get to do my favourite job though and work as an Outdoors counsellor in the US, so that’s exciting!

I love video games, D&D, sports and being outdoors in nature, so being Balimoran really speaks to me.


Which chapter were you with? What kingdom? Im in blackspire…? I think? Viridian outlands.


em… I dunno I was like 6, with my dad the last time I went… I think it was something like mistyvale? I honestly don’t really remember.


kingdom of westmarch.


The phrase “a Balimoran welcome” sounds like a reference to the guild’s tendency for perplexing and unpredictable greetings. Folks would never know if they’re going to get headbutted, howled at, showered with whirlygigs, or handed a flying squirrel to watch over for the rest of the evening.


honestly me.


Ah jeeez. Westmarch is a ways from here. Cool to see.



I’m Smokey, which is a name I earned the hard way last year. I may or may not have set a tent on fire. I’m a hunting and wilderness guide in Colorado, which suits me fine in a “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Though I don’t think whoever coined that phrase had to put shoes on an impatient horse.
On the flip side of that I’m a huge nerd too, dming my own 5th Ed campaign (sorta van helsing, innistrad inspired) watch anime, and enjoyed Love, Death and Robots almost too much.


Oh heck yeah!!! yeah, I play a bard :joy::joy:


OMG, another Tolkein fan! I feel ya, my friends never understand how cool it is that Elrond’s basically related to everyone, lol.


I haven’t seen all of Love, Death, and Robots yet but I love the sci-fi short storyness of it! I really loved the steampunk one with the fox spirit. I’d watch or read more in that world for sure.