Wiki: Wyckstrand

Wyckstrand was a member of Monarch’s Manor.


In Ascender’s last thoughts, uncovered by the Mountaineers through the Peering Arts spell, Ascender tells of a man named Wyckstrand being denied entry to the Manor after the rest of the group believed him to have been compromised by the Silver:

"Wyckstrand woke up the manor last night. He was yelling up from the street, begging to be let in. I met him at the chained door. He said he got away from the Silver and made his way back to the states, but they might find him and retake him at any minute. He’d be safe inside.

He refused the mirror, so I had to make the call. I left him to howl outside the door until morning broke. He was gone by the time the sun came up."

Another entry describes finding him dead in the basement, after Knatz heard glass shatter in the middle of the night. His body was described as “starved, withered, his bare feet nearly worn to the bone.” Blood on the back walls of the Manor garden suggested that he had been clawing at the protections for weeks, until the Joradian Safeguard finally failed.