Wiki: Constance

Constance is a childhood friend of Aether. She was an information provider in Fragment Ten.


Constance is a friendly girl who is interested in saving her closest friend, Aether. She is fascinated by magic and underground organizations, but is not magically adept like her best friend. She has performed glamours and can read magiqal texts, but has little confidence in her abilities.


Constance has been Aether’s best friend since they were eight years old. After Aether realized that he was magimystically adept, specifically in manipulating technology, he and Constance used to hang out together and mess with their schoolmates’ social media and emails. Constance and Aether worked together and were able to track down The Low, finding like-minded individuals with magimystic talent. After Aether was kidnapped by Kemetic Solutions in November 2016, Constance refused to believe that he had “run away” like other people were saying, but she was unsure of what she could do to help find him.

When Recruits encountered Aether’s altered Kemetic Solutions promo video in Fragment Ten, words hidden in the video lead them to Constance’s Tumblr blog. After reaching out to confirm that Constance was the correct person, she requested that recruits “secure their site” before communicating with them. She then contacted a magimystic librarian site to acquire a Joradian Non-Material Safeguard spell, which would prevent malicious forces from entering the Basecamp 33 Forum.

Once recruits had successfully completed the spell, Constance registered for the forums and told recruits what she knew about Aether and his disappearance. She revealed that she had low-tier access to a few magical sites on The Low, but was unable to acquire any major spells that could rescue Aether. Constance was, however, able to give recruits the password to Aether’s Tumblr blog - TheCommonDrumCalls. From there, recruits realized that Aether had set up a livestream to go off in five days’ time. Afterward, Constance said she would ask around the Low about Kemetic Solutions and see if she could find anything else of use.

After speaking with The Mountaineers on the forums, Constance disappeared, failing to appear at Aether’s livestream. Recruits reached out to her on Tumblr, finding that she had been “sick with the flu” during the two weeks of her disappearance. Upon speaking to her, it became clear that Constance no longer remembered magiq or the Basecamp 33 Forum. When asked about Aether, she said he was “pretty much my best friend. I miss him so much. He had a bad year, was depressed, but now he’s away at a new school, a special school, and doing really well.” Aether being away at “a special school and doing really well” was the same response Martin Rank received from Aether’s mother and school counselor, indicating that Constance was likely brainwashed by The Silver to forget that Aether was kidnapped.

Constance’s current fate is unknown.