Help me Lurk(and possibly drag up) all the interesting finds!

I have a problem and you guys are at fault!

I come out of my hobbit hole to attempt to be social and find this wonderful community. A message board full of at least two years of interaction and I’ll admit, while I can be antisocial, I love lurking and there is just hella lurking to be done.

But I also need to read the books and want to read the books. But seriously, do you even realize how much lore, interesting subjects, just funny anecdotes, books and more are held in this forum??
People I am a goblin stumbling across a dragon hoard except the dragon is like come in, look at my pretties, contribute and you can stay, appreciation is also contribution so you can stay. :this goblin is overwhelmed:

So that brings me to why I created this. I will be posting links to other topics I stumble across but don’t have time to read yet,
And if you guys would be so kind, would you post your fav discussions, or most interesting and funny ones? I need help with my lurking, and maybe other lurkers would also enjoy this? I do not have a pretty or interesting way with words like some of yall, but I still felt like it was worth asking and attempting. If this isn’t the appropriate place or just not appropriate for me to start then please remove and accempt my apologies.

If it is…I’ll definitely need to ban myself from the forums while at work lest I enrage my bosses(not the fun kind that drop loot and unlock new levels).


I would wait until you get through at least the first fragment of Time, so as not to spoil things for yourself, but this will give you the full intro to one of the things we always enjoy bringing up whenever possible.

This was the first thing that came to mind.


Okies small amount now bc movie night! O.o so much to sift through…more to read.

O.o curiously magical things

In world
Magimystic Manifestations

Motivation or Inspiration reading

Motivations (there is a blueberry earth and more to be discovered)

Smelly things?
Agp candle ideas

Meet and greet o.o(I dont think i have access to the other guilds meet posts)
Welcome 2.0

Hobbies/more interesting reads for goblin lurk
The hall of hobbies Super topic(steal more topics eventually)

Horde of Interesting RP

Text based tryouts(read as develops)