How Have You Seen Your Guild Affinities and Abilities Manifest?

Since coming on board I’ve been a touch obsessed with the magimystical affinities of the guilds. Vague but telling of qualities within an individual character.

After realizing that there isn’t much information unlocked on exactly what these affinities are or how to use them, I started perusing the forums to see what everyone has contributed. I loved the stories that really painted a picture of how some of these qualities manifested but I’ve been curious to hear of personal experiences.

As an Ebenguard, following the law of The Golden Balance, I definitely noticed throughout my life that I could always see both sides of the picture. In fact so much of the picture that I would consider it a manifestation of Grim’s Convergance which I feel @grimangel53 did a fantastic job of explaining here, Magic Affinities - #14 by grimangel53

(Sorry if I didn’t do the link right, still new to forums :sweat_smile: )

For several years I also had a business doing healing work via massage and energy work. Makepeace, Truth and Calling as well as Evolutionary Magimystics were major players in drawing out pieces of someone for emotional/spiritual healing on deep levels of their consciousness that allowed access to enhanced DNA thus evolving the genetic information.

Sand and stone scrying was an interesting synchronicity, I have a tendency when I am at a beach (especially at the waters edge) to draw sigils, some small and some large, using full range of movement for expression. Channeling energy and intent into these I’d watch them get pulled into the waves, releasing the magiq. Divination from stones is something I’ve had the opportunity to learn about on two separate occasions and can be remarkably accurate.

Combat magiq I don’t have as much experience in on the offense…though I have been known to craft a rather mean defensive spell crisscrossing the threads of magiq in a way that seizes when anything threatening approaches…like a chinese finger trap.

Anyways, I’m really curious about this and would Love to hear of your personal experiences with Magimystic affinities! :relaxed:


This is really fascinating @WizardAstraz. Do you mind if I move this to the all-guild category so other guilds know they can contribute as well?


Not at all! The more the merrier! :relaxed:


Going a little wild over here with this, but its quite exciting coming up with ideas and methods of utilizing these magiqs! These are some thoughts from my journal just now…

"Borrowing from the Magimystical Aptitudes, I’m considering my personal experience of energywork along with the phrases of Truth and Calling. Evolutionary Magimystics. Makepeace.

Truth and Calling brings forth the internal matrix, beckons it forward to be examined, allowing the Truth of the pattern to reveal itself, super imposed on the pattern of what is, to discover the nature of what needs to be altered.

Evolutionary Magimystics. A curious and complex blend of multiple powers at play simultaneously. Accessing the genetic coding, weaving in threads of new potential and providing the mind with new material to access and project the new pattern, overlaying the current reality. Applies itself in accordance to Grims Convergence.

Makepeace. A delicate form of healing magiq. Something that, when Truth and Calling is provoked, can potentially bring internal turmoil at the sight of traumas or unpleasant memories. Utilizing the soft nature of Makepeace to confront the undesirable trait and offer it up to the web of Grims Convergence followed by accessing the Evolutionary Magiqs.

Makepeace is curiously soft in comparison to the other end of the spectrum - Combat Magiq. This can be utilized in numerous ways as sometimes the internal struggles put up a fight, it must be exhausted before Makepeace can be applied. Combat Magiq directs to not only internal conflict but external as well. Can be used offensively or defensively. Caution - Use wisely!

All magiqs are unpredictable at most. It’s one thing when casting for oneself but often entirely different when directed towards another. Understanding intent (especially in regard to Combat Magiq) can be the difference between a beneficial outcome or a……not so benefical (BUT experiential!) outcome."


Love this and hoping to build on it!

I feel like affinities are as much pieces of who each character is as they are actions or spells to be cast.

For example, Makepeace (in just one of many ways) can be the ability to help others heal from the traumas of life— to make peace with one’s past. This is done via modeling (living a life well), giving wisdom, and also providing tools and practical ways of moving through pain (which is equivalent to spellcasting/rituals). I think Makepeace can obviously be about many other things, but they do draw on the same basic character traits (insight, charisma, diplomacy, etc.).

I’m drawing on my own real life models of how I serve the world here, because honestly I think this stuff is magic!


Same boat! That’s why I’ve been so excited to find this place!

Honestly, the blur between realities is strong, especially when talking about alternate timelines of The Monarchs. This has been helping me move beyond a puzzle internally I’ve been struggling with for a couple years now. Finding new language (and an awesome community to boot!) to bridge the gaps of my own understanding, while hopefully inspiring others and bringing us all closer to a world in which Magiq thrives once again!


Hah! The irony in this thread so far is this is indeed Makepeace at work :smirk:


Let me think… i have a lot of stuff regarding how i cant seem to be physically capable of killing anything plant or animal related unless im cooking it, but im gonna want to put on music while i write all this

Mkay, so lemme see… im assuming you mean how you’ve seen the effects of your affinities manifesting in your day to day life. In that case, i can definitely list off some stuff. in terms of the growth side of balimoran affinities, ive kept fish for most of my life. Once, i ended up getting a few small frogs. They were supposed to be tiny things, lasting a year or two maximum. I ended up going out, buying all the necessary things to replicate a perfect environment for them, and had them for nearly ten years. The only reason they died was because i bought a crawfish and it ate them.

Other than that, i typically end up being incapable of killing any plants i really set up. I mean, seriously, Ill spend a few days not touching them and they’ll be literally the exact same as when i left them when i come back. Its ridiculous, i literally cant kill them even if i WANT to.

Uh, lemme think… animal affinity wise, ive kept animals for most of my life. Ive had two dogs, upwards of a hundred fish, five mice, gerbils, not including a litter of thirty other mice we had to sell. other than that, two lizards.

Umm… combat magiq. Ive been using a blade since i was about ten years old. The moment i touched my first knife, it just seemed… right. Like it was an old friend i was meeting again for the time time in many years. Ive trained with short and greatswords, smaller spears, bows, knives, stilletos, pocket knives, hand to hand, my own legs and feet, and staffs. Im rather capable with a staff, bow, and shortsword, but other than those i cant seem to get the hang of the rest of em, for some reason.


Love it! Has me wondering as well about different hobbies one could explore associated with the attributes and affinities of the guilds.

Martial arts for Ebenguard. Gardening for Balimora. Bookbinding for Thornmouth. Kiteflying/making for Weatherwatch. Jewelry making for Flinterforge. Throwing parties for Gossmere? :joy:

I’m still getting to know the different guilds but seems interesting?


I don’t know a lot about my abilities yet, but something strange has been happening.

As a Thornmouth, I know one of the abilities is Time Shifting. Interestingly enough, there’s a mysterious wasp that appears every day at the exact same time by my bedroom window. Sadly I have to kill it everyday but he keeps coming back. Maybe this is me reversing time by my window every day without me knowing it?


Like a timeloop! Have you ever looked up what wasps represent? He might have a message for you?


Google says it could be a lot of different things including these:

  • Order
  • Progress
  • Team-work
  • Involvement
  • Development
  • Productivity
  • Construction
  • Communication

Interesting. Maybe I’ll listen close next time he’s around.


Might be a stretch but time is also a form of order. Curious that the wasp shows up at the same time every day following an orderly pattern…:face_with_monocle:


Yeah it’s pretty weird.


I feel like weird is usually a good sign pointing to Magiq at work :wink:


Yes!! Other work/hobbies/studies for Ebenguard: psychiatry/psychology, law, philosophy, quantum physics, peer counseling, mentorship, Boys & Girls type club volunteering, activism, gender studies… I could go on.


Oh ya huh? I was wondering about how the traits of Ebenguard translate to my own experience…but quantum physics and philosophy are definitely right up my alley.

Thanks! :kissing_heart:


Umm, this actually connects to something that happened to me my first year of university, which I wrote about here. However, navimancy is something that’s sort of passively manifested itself throughout my life (not as the glowing compass it turned into there). My sense of direction has always generally been good, and as I’ve gotten older, that’s happened in new ways like having a constant sense of where the cardinal directions are. I found Basecamp a few months after my first clear experience with Magiq and it seems like that’s a pretty common thing for some Mounties!


I think my Time Shifting abilities tend to accidentally show up the most. People around me seem to think I have endless patience, but it often feels like I just… skip the time I should be waiting? I can sit motionless for hours and not feel it. My personal theory is that I’m subconsciously using Time Shifting to speed up my own timeline while leaving that of the people around me untouched, so it looks like I’m sitting still for hours, but to me it is only a few minutes. I wrote a longer post about the first time I noticed this a while ago. Imma add the link to this once I find it again.
Edit: Discovering Magiq - #9 by Sellalellen


What an amazing story! :heart_eyes: Thanks for sharing!