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Welcome to the Ackerly Green Forum!

Welcome home, new Mounties! Introduce yourself!


We recently archived the original Welcome Topic because it was getting a little tough to manage. This is the fresh, brand spanking new welcome topic where you can introduce yourself to the community!


Just started reading Flora and Fauna and working on catching up.

OC I work on computers by day, bookworm by night and larper by weekends.
Can’t make it to my usual larp this weekend, so stumbling across the magiqverse was a unexpected and welcome rabbit hole. Loveing the concept of the readers being able to shape the world, although I don’t envy the author.

Assesment says I’m Thornmouth although I’m also drawn to Weatherwatch.
I’m already in love with the Thornmouth Guild lighthouse, but I could see myself studying in the library and then working on various spells in the storms outside.

Anyway need to catch up to work out the history and the rules.


Welcome @Sapphire!!!

The amazing @Sellalellen is your guild leader!! (Hands off Sky :wink:)

We have loads of awesome threads such as as the currently reading topic that you might enjoy!

Make sure you read everything in the first post above and also the Forum Primer!


Hi everyone!

I am DarkNova! I am a little horrible at introductions, but I love space, cats, and everything magic. I am in the Balimora guild which, when I read the description, suited me very well. I am currently reading The Monarch Papers and trying to figure out how all of this works. It’s my first time ever posting into any sort of form, so go easy on me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looking forward to getting to know all of you!


Welcome @DarkNova!!!

@Helios and @Nimueh are your guild leaders!!

Make sure you read everything in the first post and the Forum Primer! One you’ve done that and increased in trust level then you can start getting to know everyone over in General Discussion! Another thread you’ll probably love is the pets thread!


Hello :slight_smile: I just stumbled upon the Maqiverse through a post on Instagram last night and was deftly sorted into Thornmouth. I’m going to work on reading Flora and Fauna when I’m in transit later today.

I love the fact that I can input into the creation of the world, it reminds me a bit of playing tabletop RPGs when I was younger and then EVE when I got older.

I’m in digital forensics by day, but at night and on weekends, I craft and read anything that I can get my paws on. :slight_smile:

I need to sort out all the things before I start contributing for sure!

Thanks for this!


Welcome to the Ackerly Green Forum @IdyllWild!!!

Your guild leader is @Sellalellen!! So you can PM her if you have any questions one you reach the appropriate trust level!

Make sure you’ve read the first post above as it’s very important for participating in CJs amazing world!

When you increase in trust level you should participate in the Werk thread as I’d love to hear more about digital forensic!


Thank you! I have applied to join the Thornmouth Guild and am looking to post there once I have been approved. Oh, for sure…I can def. talk about my job in digital forensics.


What part of the world do you hail from?


I’m from Toronto, Ontario…but am a very proud Bluenoser at heart.:sailboat::anchor:


@IdyllWild hey, what are the odds, I am also from Toronto! (Although I grew up on the other side of the Canadian coastline than you…)


The odds are not stacked in my favor to have other Torontonians here. Although, I wonder what the actual “player” numbers are to date?


Hey, y’all! I’m Ariah (Ari for short) :slight_smile: Found the Magiq Assessment through Instagram as other newbies have too. I’m in Balimora guild! I’ve always had a thing for fantasy, books, and online quizzes though never got into RPGs or online forums before. I was intrigued. I’ve read both MP books in 2 days and can’t wait to dive in!


Wow, you’re way ahead of me in the reading! I’m glad we can do this at our own pace though, I don’t feel time pressure at all.


@IdyllWild Right! I tend to want all of the info the before jumping into something :smile: But once I know the full story, I’m all in!


Bless you both. :cjheart: There’s a lot to catch up on, and if you take your time you will enjoy the immersive aspect SO MUCH MORE. There’s no rush. Promise.


Welcome @Ariah!! Sorry for the late welcome I was making tea :laughing:

Like IdyllWild your guild leaders are @Helios and @Nimueh!! You can PM them if you have any questions!

Make sure you read everything in the first post carefully and thoroughly as it’s very important! Also CJs book are a fantastic way to catch up so I hope you enjoy them!!


Magic tea, right? :wink:


@IdyllWild and @DarkNova Oh awesome, we always need more Canadians!! I’m for England myself! :uk:

EDIT: Magiq pizza tea! :yum: