Wiki: The Council of the 18 Gates


The Council of the 18 Gates is a magimystical organization that brought the Book of Briars to the present time.


The Council is a group that is dedicated to revealing the small bits of magiq that are still left in the world. According to The Last Oracular Eye, the Council is the reason why The Mountaineers have been able to perform magic, despite the world having largely been stripped of its magiqal essence. The Council acts from beyond the magimystic veil, sometimes using agents to perform actions in the mundane world. The Last Traveler and King Rabbit have acted as agents of the Council, helping them reach out to Mountaineers.


The Council was first mentioned in Fragment Eleven. After recruits discovered the Oracular Eye that Aether had sent to them, they chose to be informed about “future illuminations” and “hope.” In illuminating the Mountaineers, the Oracular Eye explained that the Council had brought the Book of Briars to the present day and were working to help Mountaineers unlock it. The Council tracked down the small pockets of magiq remaining in the world so that the Mountaineers could perform magical acts. However, the Eye warned that all traces of magiq would disappear forever unless the Mountaineers, in league with the Council, “[could] change what is unknown, and undo what has undone.”

In Fragment Thirteen, it was revealed that the Council had sacrificed The Book of Briars to the Churning Storm in order to save The Mountaineers.

Currently, as a result of their magical exertions, in the course of The Monarch Papers, The Council is depleted of magimystic power. Their ultimate fate is unknown.