Wiki: Operation Aorthora


Operation Aorthora was one of four spells cast in Fragment Fifteen to take down the Storm.


Operation Aorthora was intended as a defensive spell to bolster the quickly waning protections afforded to the Mountaineers by the Council of the 18 Gates. The spell involved three aspects: a defensive poem, a personal sigil, and a guild sigil.

Operation Aorthora included the following poem:

What the Guilds Protect
Calling the Corners, to shield what is ours
The Forges carry inspiration and fortify defenses
The Guards hold the line and protect the balance
The Thorns possess the knowledge and gain information
The Balis tend Nature and are blessed by Gaea’s chaos
The Watchers follow the flame and lead others forward
The Goss tend the wounded and keep our hearts together
The Six will hold our world, and face the Storm together
United we stand, never to be broken again


Operation Aorthora was a measure used in Fragment Fifteen to ensure that the forum was not infiltrated by the Silver as the Mountaineers attempted to lure out and control the Storm, forcing it to use its time travel powers to exchange a magical item for the 1998 Book of Briars. The spell was able to keep the Silver at bay during the Day of Change.