Wiki: Operation Gladitor


Operation Gladitor was one of the spells cast in Fragment Fifteen to take down the Storm.


Operation Gladitor was intended as an offensive spell, as an added measure to ensure the safety of Cole Sumner, Martin Rank, and Deirdre Green. The spell involved crafting a tale of bravery between six Mountaineers. Specifically, the spell involved telling the same bully story six different ways, with six unique perspectives, and making reference to each of the respective elements.

The spell had two separate aspects—striking and helping. A quick drawing of the Gladitor constellation would be done on the dominant hand, along with the recitation of the key phrase to symbolize throwing a punch. A second key phrase was chosen, and the Gladitor constellation would then be drawn on the non-dominant hand, to symbolize extending a hand to help. Another aspect of the spell allowed it to be used to charge other spells, with the added phrase “My stars to make the Lantern shine.”


Operation Gladitor was a precautionary measure used in Fragment Fifteen to prepare for any preemptive attacks, in case the The Council of the 18 Gates’ protection failed. Operation Gladitor was used to charge the lantern bearers in the Sound of the Storm, as the Mountaineers attempted to lure out and control the Storm, forcing it to use its time travel powers to exchange a magical item in exchange for the 1998 Book of Briars. The spell was successfully able to keep the Storm at bay during the Day of Change.