Wiki: Flinterforge


Flinterforge is one of the six magimystic guilds. The following is the text presented to newly realized Flinterforges:

A day spent without soiled hands is a day wasted. You’ve never been one to shy away from big ideas or the hard work required to make those ideas manifest. You are a big thinker, an imaginer of machines to make life better, of curious treatments to make life longer: ways to grow stronger crops, methods to forge stronger tools. You don’t wait for problems to solve themselves. You get your hands dirty and solve them yourself. You’ve probably taught yourself a thousand skills to solve a thousand problems and are still open to learn from others. After all, what good is the sharpest of minds, the keenest of ideas, without the know-how to bring those thoughts into fruition?
The botanist and the farmer. The architect and the carpenter.
Perhaps you took apart your favorite toy as a child just to see how it worked. And upon putting it back together, you might’ve realized it worked better than it did before. Perhaps you are the one with the strange ideas, unique ideas to make the old ways work better. Somewhere inside you is the potential to be an engineer, a tinkerer, a maker. An alchemist. An artificer. Whoever you are, never doubt for a moment that above all, you are a creator. You seek not only to see new light, but to create it. To do what has never been done. And to do what has been done, even better.
You’ve always been drawn to the wonder of breaking and remaking things, both objects and ideas. To understand them, recreate them, improve them. That is The Day’s Work, the purpose of every dawning morning and every glowing dusk. To do all you can with the skills you have, in the short time you are given. All to better our world. Come, explore the possibilities of your ideas, the potential of your discoveries. Push the boundaries of their purpose, and yours.


“Create something no one else could’ve imagined and use it to change everything. You are an ideasmith, and here is where you mine what is possible. We are Flinterforge.”

Magic Affiinty

  • Artificer’s Whim

  • Alchemical Tranfigurations

  • Undo, Multimystics

  • Assembling Runes

  • Many Hands

  • Breath of Creation

Known Members


Other Attributes

Flinterforge’s cardinal direction on the chronocompass is northeast, and its primal element is Ore. Its governing time of day is Day.

Guild Bearings

The Bearings of Flinterforge are as follows:

Sun Bearing: Arcessor
Affinity: Call of Paramoudron

Guide Description:
The sound of creation rings throughout the lush, sunlit valley you call home, filling you with the fire of inspiration. Here, at the base of the old mountain, excited shouts and deep sighs are as commonplace as the birdsong, the fevered sounds of pen against paper and brush against canvas little more than white noise in the background of whirring minds. Your own workshop is strewn with the manifested evidence of your passions: hastily scribbled notebooks filled to the brim with ideas and sketches, blueprints and maps, clanking automata, and works of art that have left spots of brightly colored ink and paint covering every surface. Not every project you take on is large-scale and life-changing, yet you adhere to a higher calling still, one that itches beneath your skin and struggles to find an outlet in your worldly devices. The call to create, and to share your creations with the world.

Many in this valley can build and break, create and make anew, but you are an experimenter of unique and fevered magimystic talents, talents that many find difficult to understand. You have so often heard the word ‘focus’ that it has become just another element in the background noise of your creative pursuits. You are focused, on a hundred ideas and a dozen possible implementations, usually all at once. Yet you are not striving for anything more than the simple act of doing, of creating something out of nothing, finding a way to share it with those around you, and beginning again.

Whether you are tinkering with text or textiles, metals or motifs, building to benefit others, or creating for the sake of creation, the power of your imagination and talent for innovation is staggering in scope and unlimited in potential. Your hands are never happier than when they are busy bringing about the neverending flood of dreams you seek to make real. Real, yes, but not perfect. You do not seek perfection, but not because it is impossible. You frequently attempt and accomplish the impossible. No, you do not seek perfection because it only serves to stifle the freedom and the magiq of your creative process. Though others may see a lack of method or direction while fretting on their own works and how to make them perfect, you see only possibility and potential, and that creating one thing makes room to build more.

You are an Arcessor-bearing Flinterforge, born of the sun. Born with the power to manifest the impossible and push the boundaries of all known creation, your imagination is limitless.

Eclipse Bearing: Corrilave
Affinity: Unifier’s Will

Guide Description:
There are few places elsewhere in the world that are as innately imbued with the fires of creative fervor as the verdant valley of your guild home, few places that get under your skin and call out to that which it finds familiar inside of you, beckoning it forward. This is the effect of powerful magiq calling to other powerful magiq, to be brought to the surface and out into the light. The Flinterforge of old, those who broke the mountain and led their guild kin to the valley, also created an indelible and iconic lineage of creation. But you know in your heart that there is value and merit in taking differing ideas, disparate creations, and finding ways to smash them together and in doing, create something altogether different. Something new. Something better.

Whether those ideas are yours or belonging to another, you have the power to see the invisible connections between two different, sometimes opposing things, and find seemingly impossible ways to bring them together. You are equal parts creator, curator, and even at times counsel, offering insight that others cannot see, guiding and nudging ideas, objects, and people into new and harmonious complications. You possess a particular affinity for perceiving when new ideas may transfer from an artist’s sketch to another’s workshop, or an invention from the shop to the poet’s page.

You see the world not as it is or even will be, but instead, you see all the ways in which things may come to pass. For your strength lies not in one medium or another – the innovations of the mind or of the hands – but in the joining of the two, and in the joining of things once old, made new. A communion between the quiet brilliance of the moon and the outward radiance of the sun. A path from the glorious past to the endless possibilities of the future.

When you look at the rich haven of creation all around you, you do not see the individuals with their projects. Instead, you see the combined potential of communal magiq taking its many forms. You can feel it, tingling beneath your skin, begging for a release that only an architect and tinkerer like you could channel. This gift of perception is an old magiq, a portentous magiq, as rare as the eclipse under which you have been named.

You are a Corrilave-bearing Flinterforge, born of the eclipse, and with each day of fruitful work that passes, you are one step closer to guiding present history into the future.

Moon Bearing: Phantorist
Affinity: Circlærion Vision

Guide Description:
You know all too well, and better than most, that the day’s work is never over at the coming of night. Even after the sun has passed behind the old broken mountain of those who first were Flinterforged, you are in your perfect space. It is a space that you have carefully curated, built entirely to inspire and to support the expression of your creative fire, wherein you may bring forth sprawling mechanizations or artisanal feats, grand literary endeavors, or the expression of artistic truths in pigment, ink, and sweat. Ideas made real in all mediums one could possibly imagine, for all wonder begins with a single idea and a sacred place in which that idea may be born into the world.

Your hands are stained and calloused like your kin, but your process is intensely singular, and at times isolating and quiet. This is precisely how you prefer to work, accountable only to yourself, most comfortable in your solitude. You are unable to count the times an idea has taken root, and you have devoted yourself to it, working ceaselessly through the night, far past the usual time of work which so many other adhere to, as if you were bewitched. It cannot be helped; when your vision takes shape, it must be pursued at all costs, with your whole body and soul.

Where other minds in the sun valley are brimming with the thunder of a hundred concepts, and countless compulsions to create, your purpose is instead illuminated by a singular lashing whip of inspiration, like lightning from the sky. A single, searing blade of clarity. In the dark, you see only the idea at hand, and how to make it manifest. Your dedication is extreme, and though outsiders may call you possessed, the truth of the matter is both sane and straightforward you understand the risks of true creative pursuit.

The cost of waking in the night with an idea on your tongue convinced it would still be there in the morning, only to find it disappeared without a trace with the rising sun. Now, when a vision explodes and imprints itself on the canvas of your mind, your dedicated hands are eager to follow without delay. You crave the familiar rush of your magiq acknowledging your path, coursing through the imperceptible crests and valleys of your skin as you pursue yet another waking dream.

You are a Phantorist-bearing Flinterforge, born of the moon: your life’s purpose is to see the fleeting unseen in the flickering light of inspiration and harness the yet uncreated with unwavering focus, delivering wonders to the world from the eternal well of your mind.