Wiki: Weatherwatch


Weatherwatch is one of the six magimystic guilds. The following is the text presented to newly realized Weatherwatches:

Listen well, my brothers and sisters. Fortune calls to us from the horizon! You’ve been searching for something all your life. But you’ve been told that longing for anything more than what’s around you is fruitless, searching for anything beyond your life a waste. But your heart longs to challenge the words of your parents, teachers, and elders. You are pulled by the string of fate to make your own discoveries, to explore the world for yourself. You ache to forge your own beliefs, blaze unwalked trails. You may be headstrong, but also smart and resourceful. You may be gregarious, having made many friends along your life’s path (and maybe an enemy or two.)

You are undoubtedly spontaneous. Your sharp tongue might land you in a scrape, but you’ll never fear plunging back into the fray. After all, there’s an opportunity to be had, and who knows if it’ll come around again?

Know there’s a reason for your longing, a purpose to your pangs. The thing you seek but cannot name is what Weatherwatchers call The Further Fire. And you will spend your every spare thought, your life’s every moment, hunting it, seeking it, called by it. So heed the call and follow, for the truth you have always wanted to hear is that nothing here is more exhilarating than the wind in your face as you race towards adventure. Nothing is more comforting than the luck of the sea and the blessing of the sky, and no challenge can’t be overcome with a flash of your smile or a slash of your blade! With a little charm, a resourceful plan, and the determination to beat the odds, you will meet the call out there in the unknown and return home to a rousing crowd of those who once doubted you to share the spoils of your victory!

So come, let us tarry no longer! Let’s head out across the wilder waters. Who knows the dangers we might find there, what wrongs we may right, the endless treasures that await us? What fires we may light and be kindled by in turn!


So come, let us tarry no longer! Let’s head out across the wilder waters. Who knows the dangers we might find there, what wrongs we may right, the endless treasures that await us? What fires we may light and be kindled by in turn!
Onward, to The Further Fire. We are Weatherwatch!

Magic Affinity

  • Navimancy
  • The Swift Tongues of Kalivar
  • Unanchored
  • Fall Watch
  • Languidimensional Touch
  • Torchminder

Known Members

Other Attributes

Weatherwatch’s cardinal direction on the chronocompass is west, and its primal element is Light. Its governing time of day is dawn.

Guild Bearings

The Bearings of Weatherwatch are as follows:

Sun Bearing: Ardeonaut
Affinity: Halcyor’s Unwinding

Guide Description:
There were those who said your aims were foolish, but if it’s foolish to venture into uncertainty, then it is even more foolish to stay where you are. You do not fear the unknown, no more than you fear closing your eyes at the end of each day. If anything, you fear its antithesis: comfort and routine, settling for the mundane. Placidity is not in your blood; you could never be satisfied so long as there are seas to sail and secrets to discover.

You long to see your bow cut through towering white waves, en route to unknown horizons. The thought of an undiscovered speck of land flickering in the lens of your telescope makes your heart pound in hopes of what treasure, mystery, or danger might await you. The favored child of the sun, it casts on you a brilliant fire to light your path and brings others closer to your warmth and brilliance. A light that calls you to your place behind the ship’s wheel.

Whether on land or at sea, you are always at the helm. Your particular leadership skills come so naturally that it often seems as though you were born to command and assign roles, to encourage and entrust, to make difficult decisions when needed. And maybe this is true. At the end of the day, you are the captain your compatriots need you to be in order to seek out the Further Fires of your collective hearts. You understand what they need to see and hear from you to feel their strongest and their bravest, for you know each of them not merely by their faces but by the complexities of their souls: their skills and doubts, the desires and dreams that make them who they are. With you, they feel seen. Following you, they find their purpose. From the precipice upon which you stand, the salt of the sea mingles with the crisp air of first dawn, and it feels as though with each breath, you are inhaling all possibility.

If you were to look over your shoulder, you would find a motley team of dreamers and reachers, wanderers and explorers, all with many, varied talents to offer and skills to share. But they have one thing in common: their belief in you to lead them, walking together towards the next wondrous unknown.

You are Ardeonaut-bearing Weatherwatch, born to lead others ever closer to the sun under which you were born. Look, now, how the sun is born anew; it shines its fire on your next wondrous discovery.

Eclipse Bearing: Celestant
Affinity: Sidereal Shift

Guide Description:
Though your pack may appear lighter and your countenance less weathered than others who might embark upon such a journey, these trivial matters do not make you any less fit for your adventure. It is clear that your body has powerful strengths unique to your purpose, and that the provisions you carry are just as precious as any tool or weapon. In your pack, you bear reminders of everywhere you have been and everywhere you have yet to go: maps and field notes, stories and sketches, piecing the world and its treasures together one step, one place, one person at a time. Though these trinkets remind you of past adventures and plans for paths that lie ahead, the truth is that you keep them to help make sense of the world and your place within it. Where others only see the next map marker, the next uncharted shore, you see more. The bigger picture. The purpose behind the pursuit. Not only the stars above but the constellations.

It’s not enough to discover the ruins of a past civilization, you feel compelled to understand those who once walked those overgrown paths, why their world fell to ruin, and how you can keep their story alive. You have been called to something more significant; the flame you seek is a philosopher’s fire. One which promises a greater understanding of the world and yourself. A solitary quest, but one that can only be undertaken with the strength of many at your back. It is a dual call of exploration and preservation, uncovering and understanding.

Despite your propensity for reflection and reason, you would rather be in motion than penned down on one of your pages or preserved in the verses of a ballad. Alone you can only travel so far, but with the company of others offering their support and encouragement, there is a wealth of potential for collaboration and connection that breathes a newfound vivacity into your pursuits. It is not how you envisioned your life during all the long nights you spent beneath the firmament trying to know the stars, but the life of a Weatherwatcher is inherently impossible to predict; yours especially.

As a Celestant-bearing Weatherwatch, born of the eclipse, not only do you seek the light of the Further Fire, but you also aim to understand the chase.

Moon Bearing: Navimant
Affinity: Phantasmal Accord

Guide Description:
Although you are grateful for the small community whose voices still linger in the air as you break away from the pack, you recognize the relief when the untouched woods you come upon eventually fade to silence as you delve deeper into the unknown dark.

You prefer the company of your shadow to the boisterous energy of your crew, savoring the focus that solitude provides as you combine your magiq, experience, and well-honed skills to explore the land and set the pace of those who will walk behind you someday. While others seek trails, you create them. Though the thought of discovering a lost city or ancient ruin is as exciting to you as to the rest of your guild kin, you relish the thrill of being the first and only to step foot on seemingly untouched shores. To see where the path of your unknown adventure might twist and turn as it divulges its secrets to you alone.

Your spontaneity and comfort in the umbrage of deep woods and murky glens have proven invaluable on your lookout for new opportunities, allowing you to peer through the darkness to find useful resources in places where others would feel lost. In the quiet, even through the thickest fog, you can instinctively sense the uncharted way forward. As a result, you often forge ahead alone, seeking and surveying for the best route while the rest of your crew keeps pace steadily behind, allowing you to lead, with complete faith in your abilities to guide them true.

Not that they worry overmuch; safety is, of course, a concern – for what good is an adventure cut short by disaster or demise? – But true to your nature, your recommended routes will often contain more than a hint of risk. You know when to play safe for the sake of the others, but you also know that your troop rarely fears a little danger, ever eager to prove themselves – especially to you, if truth be told. Weatherwatchers to the core, you are all equally hungry to taste the elusive flames of the Further Fire and find what lies illuminated beyond.

But to be alone in search of undiscovered trails and treasures leaves you feeling energized enough to face the raucous excitement of your camp when you return and the anticipation of adventure that always lies ahead. You are a Navimant-bearing Weatherwatch, born of the moon, and the untrod shadows beckon you ever forward.

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