Wiki: Ebenguard


Ebenguard is one of the six magimystic guilds. The following is the text presented to newly realized Ebenguards:

Burdened and blessed, you are the shore between land and sea, the horizon between night and day. Others may wander blindly through their lives, adrift on the seas of fate. But part of you has always known your path, always believed there is reason and purpose and a secret order infusing your existence. All existence. You are right.
You have been gifted a higher calling. You are a defender of The Golden Balance, the true hidden harmony of the world. The line that crosses through us all, segments the great forces, and brings order to the chaos of existence. The law of all life. That is what governs us, protects us, guides us.
You’ve probably always felt an innate sense of right and wrong, known your life was guided by a truer current. But you’ve also wondered what to do with that sense of what is true and right in a world of gray that separates who you are from what you do. The truth is you may be a civic-minded advocate, gathering people to a noble cause. Or an artist, inspired and inspiring wonder in others. You might hone your body using martial magic, or sharpen your mind against the whetstone of knowledge.
Truly, you may have several potentials, for you are the light of Ebenguard, and that means you are capable of a great many good things. But do not think of yourself as elite. Know that who you are is not as important as what you do with the life you are given. Take on any endeavor, explore your power and potential, but whatever you do must be in service of the world around you, and to the law of The Golden Balance.
You are a figure for good, for right. You might have been born to be an advocate for justice or a champion for the subjugated, a mediator for forces at war or a storyteller illuminating those in shadow. No matter who you choose to be, when the scales tip to the side of disorder and darkness, you are called to right it, a warrior for peace and truth and harmony. For harmony and true peace are only possible through the dedication and diligence of those willing to swear their life’s work to it.


“We stand brave, united on the shores of day and night. We are Ebenguard.”

Magic Affinity

  • Grim’s Convergance
  • Makepeace
  • Truth and Calling
  • Combat Magic
  • Sand and Stone Scrying
  • Evolutionary Magimystics

Known Members

Other Attributes

Ebenguard’s cardinal direction on the chronocompass is east, and its primal element is The Tides. Its governing time of day is Dusk.

Guild Bearings

The Bearings of Ebenguard are as follows:

Sun Bearing: Shoalwarden
Affinity: Song of Silverscale

Guide Description:
Your kind has been chronicled for longer than you have walked these shores, the light of your spiritual legacy shining down throughout the ages before coming to rest upon your shoulders. Rising with the sun, its warmth follows you as you walk along the pebbled shores of your domain, lighting the fire within your core. Your energy grows as you take this time to meditate upon your duties, before the others begin to flock to you like the tide to the shore, seeking your humble radiance. You have made yourself known to those who live within the many-faceted walls and shadows of the castle for your ability to uphold the Golden Balance in its most enlightened form, and the people – your people – have come to depend on you for the truth, especially when the truth is not particularly clear.

You have proved yourself through the trials of others, offering counsel and protection where most needed, guiding through wise words or sometimes through song or story, drawing wisdom through the ages to suit present circumstances. You are both a bard and a bastion; you are whatever those around you need you to be. You take pride in your abilities to rectify any situation, and you relish the moral challenges brought to face you especially when they lie beyond the simple boundaries of right and wrong.

It is an exercise of the heart as much as the mind, both of which you have found are strengthened by explorations and expressions of creativity, which are the rare moments when you take time for yourself. To pursue creative passion. It may or may not come naturally to you, but you know that it is all part of the grand balance. To counter your pursuit of social justice with your need to also bring beauty to the world, beauty which may right the scales over time. That is your true aim. You do not walk these shores for the fame, for the glory, or for the validation of those who seek your counsel. You hold your moral court because there is a powerful magimystic energy within you that seeks to right what the entropy of the universe holds to be always out of sync.

The Golden Balance of the mind is reflected through you and within you, a Shoalwarden-bearing Ebenguard, born of the sun. It is your duty, your calling, to pursue it in all of your earthly actions and to strengthen and spread its radiance over your shores and all those hazy in the distance, bringing them into the light.

Eclipse Bearing: Marentide
Affinity: Pendulancy

Guide Description:
Caught by destiny between the warring pull of the tides, your purpose in this realm has always been unique, for you manage to resist the allure of all extremes in favor of the Golden Balance grounded within your soul. At your core, you are the fiercest of protectors. You are never quite off duty; even during the most trivial of chores, you are always sensing with your magiq, searching for any disruption to the balance of the day. Be it the bustle of the market at the castle’s base or the harbors and quays that run along its side, you have the innate ability to pierce through the shouts of sailors and merchants to hear the silent step of danger before anyone else. You are the first to act at the slightest sign of agitation, and consequently, the others know that when you are around they are safe, that should any situation arise, you will be there to set it to rights.

Whether merely bringing a bow to market for a restringing or purchasing a fresh supply of paints for your evenings, it is not unusual for you to amass a following of admirers in your wake. Though the intensity of your vigilance does not necessarily make you approachable, and you appreciate the space that reverence affords you, all the local children have been raised with the knowledge that should they ever need counsel or protection, you shall be the one to lead them through their troubles. You may be unpredictable at times, but you are never unkind; your fierce intolerance for any sort of injustice may sometimes lead you to act rashly, but you are always the first to apologize should you step out of line. Even if there is blame to share, you do not believe in harboring pride over doing what is right and making amends. This passion for balance and harmony underlies everything that you do, whether it is the strengthening of your body through martial arts or in allowing yourself to express your desires and emotions through more creative outlets.

You have been known to surprise everyone by giving impromptu archery or painting lessons right on the street, in the middle of the markets, out on the piers, whatever it is that needs teaching or sharing, overcome by a generous impulse to connect and share that has been known to arrest your senses every so often. You are a model Ebenguard, for your rare birth under the eclipse has bestowed upon you the best traits of your guild, knowing one cannot live completely in shadow while also tempering the passions that run too hot under the sun. You are a Marentide-bearing Ebenguard, defender of seas and shores and stability in all its forms, essential to the preservation of the Golden Balance which you embody through all of your earthly actions.

Moon Bearing: Nautilore
Affinity: Brinebearer’s Oath

Guide Description:
The tide has withdrawn into the black and haunted sea, leaving the shore strewn with uncovered treasures from the deep. Smooth pebbles of glass and countless polished stones, letters in bottles, and songs within broken shells. Each with a story, each with an unknown origin that begs for you to find it. The sea calls to you especially, beyond the cold, black current, to the spark at the white horizon. For you are a keeper of tales. You were born with the need to create, to take in everything that you sense and see and discover during your walks upon the shore and make the experience into something new, something more.

You are keenly aware of the sea’s kinship with our sense of time. It is the eye of seeing, of portends and alteration, for it relentlessly transforms all it carries away. But the change is not always reductive. The sea contains endless currents of lifetimes and legacies: past, present, and future all swirling in and out of one another, balancing into one. Every grain of the cool, wet sand you walk upon was once a mighty stone, that was in turn once part of a towering cliff’s edge or a vast plate below the sea. A thousand stories in every fragment. You will find a detail worth preserving today on your shorewalk, as you often do, for you have an innate understanding of the histories held in both stone and spirit. Perhaps you find a hint of mystery, held within a branch or bottle, or in the tilted glance of someone you pass. Perhaps a tinge of tragedy in what has already gone, or a suspicion of drama in what is to come.

You may share a part of what you’ve gleaned as counsel to someone in need, or you may put paint to canvas, or pen to paper. Legends live in your narratives, causes carry on in them, but only if they’re found again and retold. You seek the stories lost to shadow to help balance the roaring tales that burn in the light. You are called to keep that balance, to honor the stories that may no longer shine as brightly but are still deserving of another telling. You are the advocate for the lost or unheard, you are the defender of hearts and histories that, though often overlooked, are no less deserving of preservation than those already in the sun.

You are a Nautilore-bearing Ebenguard, born of the moon. You were chosen to coax these stories out from the darkness and to find ways to tell them again in the light of day, to see how we might learn from them. To do good. To do better. To do them justice.