Weatherwatch Magiq Affinities

Hey there, Weatherwatchers!

It’s great to have you all here! For those who don’t know me, I’m Remus, one of the captains of Weatherwatch alongside @Skylad. A couple of days ago, one of the newer members of the guild reached out to me asking about our guild affinities. They were curious about what they did which is a completely fair inquiry. Like the other guilds, the guide gives us the names of our six affinities:

The Swift Tongues of Kalivar
Fall Watch
Languidimensional Touch

And that’s it; nothing more, nothing less.

In the past, we’ve had a couple of ideas for what these affinities could be about; however, they’re spread across the forum, so they might be difficult to locate for new members. So, inspired by the similarly named Gossmere Magiq Affinities thread, I introduce the Weatherwatch Magiq Affinities thread! This thread will have links to all of the posts on what each affinity is so they’re all gathered in one spot (once I’ve gotten around to it). However, this thread is open for all Weatherwatchers (and other guilds, too, that’s just the primary audience) to brainstorm what they think affinities might do, what they might look like, what is required for them to work, as well as how they work.

So get out your tinfoil hats and other magimystical resources: it’s time to explore our affinities!

If you’re looking for ideas, be sure to check out the Cloud Gazing thread, which an old member put together: it’s a bit old and oddly named, but the ideas in there are solid! I’ll be adding more links to posts as I come across them, but feel free to theorize right away!


I’ll start with the one affinity that we (generally) know what it does: Fall Watch! Since the Day of Change (September 23, 2017, for those who don’t know - it’s a really big event that happened, but since the main audience of this thread is new mounties, I don’t want to spoil what happened), some of the mounties have been able to access Neithernor (this is sort of like Narnia from The Chronicles of Narnia. It’s a dimension outside of our own where magiq is real and alive - it’s an incredible place), myself and @Skylad included. While exploring, we started trying to use our affinities and we met with some, well, interesting results. Suffice it to say there was a lot of spell sickness, blacking out, and lizard mammals - lots of lizard mammals.

I won’t sugarcoat it - we weren’t really successful at identifying what all of the affinities do. I experimented a bit with Unanchored, but I didn’t find anything conclusive. We also both experimented with other guilds’ affinities and those were a lot more successful (but those aren’t really the topic of this thread). However, we were able to come to some conclusions about one of the affinities: Fall Watch.

In our experience, Fall Watch is a spell that helps you navigate, especially through difficult terrain. On a successful casting, the caster (and potentially those around them - this is something we weren’t able to confirm) will become aware of the best path across the terrain. This took the form of a golden line for me when I cast it, but that doesn’t mean it’s that way for everyone! When we were less successful, though, it was difficult to find the path and sometimes it was even more difficult to move through the terrain than if we hadn’t cast the spell at all!

That’s what we’ve been able to uncover so far, but we’ve still got more to discover. What do you think of this affinity or any of the others for that matter?


I’m really fascinated with torchminder and swift tongues of Kavilar. To me torchminder sounds like a way to generate light, almost like a portable light source. Guess we won’t know until further experiments are conducted. Now for the the tongues, I started doing a little research about the possible meaning of “kavilar” and I found that it means powerful, dedicator, and noble. I also discovered that kavilar is also a province in Albania. So any thoughts?


Well we aren’t in any one spot for too long (me more so than others… looong story involving some rogue silvers but that’s a story for another time) and tongues is plural so it may have something to do with being able to commune with other languages note not all languages are necessary spoken
Also because we naturally end up in somewhat dangerous situations we can sometimes need to take charge of a situation quickly… the “Kavilar” part may be referring to some ability to influence using spoken word


I know one idea that some folks have discussed in the past with the Silver Tongues of Kavilar is that it might increase one’s charisma or make one seem more appealing. When someone has a “silver tongue,” they’re seen as persuasive and eloquent. I couldn’t find anything about the definition of Kalivar, but if we’re building on what you found, @Wylder, then it would suggest that the affinity might have to do with persuasion by sounding noble or eloquent. That could add a really interesting element to this as I always kind of imagined this sort of affinity would make the user like Flynn Rider; now I think it could make you more like Cyrano de Bergerac. I like this headcannon :brandonthinking:.


@Remus that is interesting that you suggested a charisma boost. I was thinking the same concept of a charisma/ bravery boost. It would be cool to have a support type spell that would embolden allies in the middle of battle. Also having a spell that increases our own charisma for persuasion is useful as well because we are always on the move and find ourselves in many different situations.


Ooo, that’s a really interesting way to imagine the affinity! I definitely think that having charisma is a helpful skill for someone who’s always moving through different scenarios and spaces, and I like the idea that it could maybe be spread to others.

Oh, I should probably mention this because it might not be something that you’ve heard before, but if a person intentionally kills another person then that person is blocked casting magiq for the rest of their life. I don’t think that’s what you were implying, but I wanted to clarify that now for future posts.


Oh that is good to know. Thanks for telling me.


I actually had a conversation with another of the guild a couple days ago on this subject. One theory was that the tongues give guidance through conversation in the same way fall watch seems to give guidance through terrain, basically giving you the right thing to say in a given situation (Hence the “swift” part).

There was a whole lot more talk about Languidimensional Touch and Unanchored though, and so there are a lot more in terms of wildly different theories for both, the theory for the prior possibly being:

  • something to do with travelling through other people’s dreams
  • slowing other people’s casting
  • generating difficult terrain
  • slowing the rate at which something of the caster’s choice gets physically exhausted

And unanchored:

  • Might have something to do with disconnecting from a situation
  • Alternatively focusing in on a specific situation
  • physical disconnection from the body in order to actually survey surroundings
  • Literally just flying (because who doesn’t want to fly?)