Gossmere Magiq Affinities


With all the new Gossmerim around, I thought we could all sort of introduce ourselves by discussing which magiq affinities from our guild best fit us as individuals! Here’s the list from Ackerley Green’s Guide to Magiq:

Communion Magics
Shapeshifting Arts
Trusted Confidant
Call To Hearth


i would probably be shapeshifting, therapeutics and trusted confidant.
first one is simple to explain shapeshifting is something i always wished i was capable of doing and I’m very adaptable as a person
second therapeutics medical magic and healing as well as herbalism have always been of interests to me and i have instinctive knowledge for helping people and bringing them back to health
last trusted confidant, I’m usually the listener and the observer staying quiet until i have something to add this also makes me a good advisor for people around me and if something is said in confidence it will stay with me till greave


I would agree, mine would also be trusted confidant and communion magiq.


I feel like mine would be Shapeshifting, Choreomancy, Communion Magics, with just a little Therapeutics.

I feel like Gossmere has some definite adaptability vibes with shapeshifting and choreomancy, which I understand to be the magic of dance and movement. I feel like the magics I listed above would be good for a life as a nomadic guide and guard. Taking on the aspects of protecting community.


You get us.


EDIT: Hey, how about you, @OracleSage?


Hey, I can’t believe I’m seeing this thread just now!

I would say the affinities I feel closest with are Call to Hearth, Shapeshifting Arts, and Communion Magics. Call to Hearth has always felt very comforting to me, and I like the idea of “soothing magics”. However, like our Guddrik pointed out, Shapeshifting feels like Gossmerims defensive magiq. In fact, I remember Eaves once telling me of this vision he had of Gossmerim plunging into battle in the forms of various animals. That image has always stuck with me. Communion Arts has the “togetherness” that Gossmere stands for, which I adore.


Shapeshifting for sure!
Choreomancy, in the form of singing and weaving, either separate or together; as well as cartomancy
Trusted confidant - If I had a dollar for every time someone has told me a secret, or just felt compelled to tell me their cares and worries…

In the Magic Affinities board, @OracleSage, I saw your post (from over a year ago :joy:) about how “Call to Hearth” is about acceptance of others and our differences. Without having read even the first book, off the bat I am pulled toward the thought that it could also be nudging people to find their “home”. You made mention that Gossmerins study some psychology and sociology with the aim of healing; maybe “Call to Hearth” is linked more closely with the mental/psychological aspect of healing, setting aside those psychologically-imposed blockages to help the person start their journey back toward their natural self.


That’s such a cool interpretation! From what we have seen of magiq it works differently for everyone who yields it, and with guild affinities especially it can vary from user to user. I would say the reason it has always manifested for me as quelling an argument is because of my natural desire for diplomacy, but also because I am so “right brained”. Again though, that is a totally valid and super interesting way to see that affinity.


Trusted Confidant, and when I was younger I had a much better grasp of Therapeutics (these days it is me who needs them, rather than creating them for others, and I’m not great at casting inwards), but while I love all the interpretations of Call to Hearth, mine’s a little simpler:

I have no sense of direction when I go out somewhere I don’t recognise, but the second I genuinely want to go home, if I feel scared or a friend who’s with me is bored or bothered, I can always find the way to somewhere we feel safe, like I’m calling out to safety and following the response. :blossom:


I know I’m like 8 days late but I like that interpretation @SabineBean!

I’ve always thought that therapeutics could heal physical and psychological wounds as therapy can be physical or psychological.


Oh that’s a good point actually! Therapy is a system by which to soothe ailments and help people improve in various ways, so that makes a lot of sense too! I like that concept as well :blossom:


Aw thank you!